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U-utter SUBMISSION T-to SWANS (D-digislavographism)


by Maxwell Clark





(Swans - May 3, 2010)  

i cannot but agree with
these private means of communication
as their policies-policings are private violence-to/violating discourse.
high five!
bloody swan feathers rim the cup of my skull!
and I dance silly with them on.
oh shit! revenge swan attack! watch out!
i'll escape on my surfboard!
da-na-nanananananan-da-nananananananana (surf gee-tar)
mondo-tubuloso arachno-dudes!
what?! a arachno-swan has been kidnapped!?
wait! mondo-aggro swan-dudes...
we must totally come together on this urgent social issue of
importance and valor!
+we save the day!
hurrah! hurray!
omni-present-potent capitalist relations deconfabulate themselves of
themselves! groovuloso! arachno-swan par-tay! +rage plays +we totally rage
against the machine +rage +rage and SB-1070 is just such a
capitalo-deconfabulation, and you know this! end.


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About the Author

Maxwell Clark is, rather paradoxically, a writer living in New Haven, CT. He has been published in the Socialist Worker (U.S.), the Socialist Review (U.K.), and the upcoming (May) issue of decomP literary magazine.   (back)


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