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Special Issue on Immigration


Everyone Wins, Mexican Style
Americans Beware


by Bo Keeley


Photo Essay


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(Swans - October 4, 2010)   In June 2010, Dolly, a Stanford 6-foot-tall Chinese-American anthropologist and computer black belt and Doc Bo [aka, Bo Keeley] rode the Mexican freight trains from Los Moches to Nogales at the US border. They were sheltered for a week in jungles, on flatcars, and punching the wind atop grain cars by the stalwart Central Americans from the tattooed, burly Mexican tramps who spoke measurable English, having spent time in US gangs & prisons, before multiple deportations. The common goal was the US border where the forty tramps (including 12 collegiate Salvadorans) split into twos and threes for the hot night walk across the desert into the Promised Land. They laugh at the notion of a US depression, saying that if one wants to work, one can. About half the riders were returning to families and previous jobs after 1-5 deportations, including a black Playboy centerfold Honduran retracing to Texas for her bible confiscated by US Immigration on the 4th deportation, who stripped to her bra to spar with the tramps and held her own. (The pictures were taken on June 17 & 18, 2010.)


Pic: "Dolly atop a grainer" - © 2010 Bo Keeley - Size: 12k

Dolly atop a grainer
Pic: "Dolly standing tall and proud" - © 2010 Bo Keeley - Size: 20k

Dolly standing tall and proud
Pic: "Three Mexican tramps on sunny deck" - © 2010 Bo Keeley - Size: 10k

Three Mexican tramps on sunny deck
Pic: "Peace Mexican tramp" - © 2010 Bo Keeley - Size: 13k

Peace Mexican tramp
Pic: "Relaxed smoking on flatcar" - © 2010 Bo Keeley - Size: 13k

Relaxed smoking on flatcar
Pic: "A sun-hidden Bo" - © 2010 Bo Keeley - Size: 7k

A sun-hidden Bo
Pic: "Derailed boxcar" - © 2010 Bo Keeley - Size: 11k

Derailed boxcar
Pic: "Tramp looks down on derailed boxcar" - © 2010 Bo Keeley - Size: 8k

Tramp looks down on derailed boxcar
Pic: "Enjoying the shade of a hopper" - © 2010 Bo Keeley - Size: 14k

Enjoying the shade of a hopper
Pic: "Smiling Honduran tramps" - © 2010 Bo Keeley - Size: 14k

Smiling Honduran tramps
Pic: "Pensive Honduran tramp" - © 2010 Bo Keeley - Size: 11k

Pensive Honduran tramp
Pic: "Sleepy dreaming tramp" - © 2010 Bo Keeley - Size: 10k

Sleepy dreaming tramp


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A provisional end to a never-ending search for economic justice.

May these brothers and sisters be blessed!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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Bo Keeley is a retired veterinarian, former publisher, author of seven books on sports and adventure, national paddleball and racquetball champion, commodities consultant, school teacher, psychiatric technician, traveler to 96 countries, and executive adventure guide who has been featured in Sports Illustrated and other national publications as an alternative adventurer.   (back)


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