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C. Orff, G. Monte, C.Giovannoni


by Claudine Giovannoni & Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry


Comment by Francesca Saieva
(translated by Michelle Abbott)

Pic: "detrás de las ilusiones" - © 2007 Emanuele Giosuè Mobiglia - Size: 29k
detràs de las ilusiones
© 2007 Emanuele Giosuè Mobiglia



(Swans - August 23, 2010)  

... and the existential needs:
mundus ac inferi transeunt
world and hades pass over

because all is in everything...

Nihil restat nisi nunc,
solo l'adesso ci resta,

the clock of time stops
im Strom, on the stream

Portas cerradas
detrás de las ilusiones,
aveugles les yeux
von wem nicht sehen will!
mais rien ne s'oppose à ton deuil
y lo que perdió, carnal life,
se encuentrará de nuevo

will be again...
nel mentre solo l'adesso ci resta,
in the meanwhile only the present for us.
Keep close this door!
And Time will be prisoner...
alas just for another existence.
Wenn keiner will gegen Zeit kriegen,
le Temps,
entlicht will nicht mehr bestehen.
Without end or beginning,
both are One only.



Comment. Along unmoved Rivers... des Fleuves impassibles (Rimbaud), a pendulum's strokes over our years. Metaxý, a door between light and shades (Weil). Only a need, the wait, entbergen und entborgenhalten das Unverborgene, disclosing what is unveiled (Heidegger). After Time's annihilation, from darkness, from the terrible deep, auf dem schrecklichen Grund (Orff), here's the Origin, Delicieux 1 di un oggetto mentale, the Delicieux 1 of a mental object (Sanguineti). Material things on the air, now, struggling on stream, in the temporal cage of the paradox. No prophecy waiting am Ende aller Zeit, at the end of Time (Orff); and as universal mark of favour beyond the line, there's the Silence (Neher).

Claudine Giovannoni calls herself a "World citizen." Crossing the boundaries of the Earth, Water, and Air, she lives experiences that touch her soul bringing her to publish her writings. Her novels are in Italian: Il Kumihimo del Sole, 2005 - Nebbie nella Brughiera, 2007 - Il Cristallo della Pace, 2010 (Seneca Edizioni, Torino). She is a dreamer and an idealist, and lives in Switzerland, where she shares with her family the love for Nature with the greatest respect and veneration.

Francesca Saieva teaches philosophy and pedagogy and was an adjunct professor at the University of Palermo (Italy).

Picture: detrás de las ilusiones, by Emanuele Giosuè Mobiglia (2007).


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