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Respiro (Breath)


by Claudine Giovannoni & Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry


Comment by Francesca Saieva
(translated by Michelle Abbott)

Pic: "Acqua" - © 2006 Guido Monte - Size: 8k
© 2006 Guido Monte



(Swans - June 28, 2010)  

De las profundidades
rien de nouveau,
mesmo respiro
of forgotten ways

¿Que mas profundo?
The force of Spirits?
When they achieve...
Aber es gibt keine Verbindlichkeit,
Zeit ist vergangen...
et toi,
toujours sans espoir
buscas a las sombras
de tú respiro.



Comment: Every hour for a time which comes and elapses (Heidegger). Shadow-images, now when the dams rise against chaos waves (Jung). Not a real duty in this limit? But the eye sees the sun and the hand feels the earth (Schopenhauer) and its breath. The sense becomes divergent, becomes its absurd... don't take into the universe the jokers, diverted through these paths they'll yawn in front of the hope. But every hour the wake opens and remains free (Szymborska).

Francesca Saieva teaches philosophy and pedagogy and is an adjunct professor at the University of Palermo, Sicily, Italy.

Claudine Giovannoni calls herself a "World citizen." Crossing the boundaries of the Earth, Water, and Air, she lives experiences which touch her soul bringing her to publish her writings. Her novels are in Italian: Il Kumihimo del Sole, 2005 - Nebbie nella Brughiera, 2007 - Il Cristallo della Pace, 2010 (Seneca Edizioni, Torino).

She is a dreamer and an idealist, and lives in Switzerland, where she shares with her family the love for Nature with the greatest respect and veneration.

Picture: Acqua, by Guido Monte (2006).


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