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War (Paix Pace Peace Paz)
J. Lennon, B. Brecht


by Guido Monte
Comment by Francesca Saieva
Research by Erica Bruno and Manuela Pezzati


Multilingual Poetry


Pic: "sulla spiaggia" - © 2009 Guido Monte - Size: 5k
sulla spiaggia
© 2009 Guido Monte



(Swans - March 8, 2010)  

Their war kills
what to their peace
Bei den Besiegten das niedere Volk
Hungerte. Bei den Siegern
Hungerte das niedere Volk auch
between winners or between losers,
poor people starved the same

nothing to kill or die for
pace peace paz
es posible
to live für den Frieden?)



Francesca Saieva's comment: Missiles called peace keepers aimed to kill (T. Chapman) in the middle of violence. Contradictions careless of a principle of liability (Jonas)... but life lives on life (Gandhi). Only a voice remains...ahimsa...and I see Rock and no water and the sandy road... If there were water we should stop and drink (Eliot), because when the blind remove their blinders and the speechless speak the truth (Chapman), I'll be where I'm not (Rimbaud).

Picture: sulla spiaggia, by Guido Monte (2009).


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