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Via Dimenticata
V. Hugo, Mahabharata, P. Levi, Time.com


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry


Pic: "lontano" - © 2009 Guido Monte - Size: 8k
© 2009 Guido Monte



(Swans - February 8, 2010)  

"Who's that man?
Que lenguas habla? Todas...
Que cosas sabe, what does he know?"

How will we ever know just how many people,
died in the Haitian quake?
"Ne pas chercher à comprendre"

a word
Are the Death Estimates Accurate?
Warum?, why?
"Hier ist kein Warum"
Here no reason, no why
Presto udremo ancora il comando straniero
"Wstawac" (but we'll hear again, soon,
the foreign command "Get up!")

And what's madness?
"A forgotten way"



Francesca Saieva's comment: ... Kein neuer Mensch; aber ein neuer Engel (from Angelus Novus). Who's that man? I don't know, he's on the road. Who's that man? He talks languages ever known: he says: This is my own way (Nietzsche). Who's that man? He knows about madness... and you, answer to me, angel's anxious dread (Benjamin), death arranges for shades of broken bodies. Warum? I've to understand... all that dies, doesn't be afraid of death? (Wiesel). Like a conjuror, on faith of a vision, he helps a dream, he shows spring on a distort space. Unending and steady error of a fallen humanity (Nozick). What else? A forgotten way inside, the white mountain snow bound village (Iyetaka).

Picture: lontano, by Guido Monte (2009).


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