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The Last Haiku
W. Blake, G. Ungaretti, Basho


by Silvia dello Russo and Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry


Pic: "leaves" - © 2008 Guido Monte - Size: 16k
© 2008 Guido Monte



(Swans - January 25, 2010)  

"beneath us... the sun, black but shining"

Alles ist Unendlichkeit des Seins all infinity of senses
and words...

a word

foglia appena nata
leaf just born

mizu no oto
the sound of water

silencemiracle of everything



Silvia Dello Russo was born in Parma, Italy, on November 15, 1974. In 1995 she left for Germany, Halle an der Saale, at the "Marthin Luther Universitaet," where she focused her studies on germanistic in terms of etymology, metric stylistic poetry, and glottology.

In 1997 she started an innovative study on mitteleuropean languages at the University college of London, especially on a translation of the Etymlanguage of Arno Schmidt in Zettels Traum.

She ended her studies with the publication of her works in Power of words (ed. universitaria indip., 2000), a multilingual discussion of the ontological value of words in terms of mathematical and philosophical concept, by extending the function of languages beyond a transparent medium with her conception that languages are anthropocentric.

She is working in Parma on a theatre work on Hamlet's foolishness of William Shakespeare, cooperating with the Director Tapella in the creations of the dramaturgical text with the use of a borderline language as mirror of mental diseases and apparent normality.

Picture: leaves, by Guido Monte (2008).


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