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Masarwas, G. Monte, C. Giovannoni


by Claudine Giovannoni & Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry


Comment by Francesca Saieva
(translated by Michelle Abbott)

Pic: "untitled" - © 2010 Sophie Sherova - Size: 14k
© 2010 Sophie Sherova



(Swans - October 18, 2010)  

thora dhe kwa che che
spirit, awake to

entre tú y yo
under the same sky...
miroir les yeux
où j'ai lu douleur et désespoir,
come especho los ojos de los infants
je pleure en réalisant mes limites

"africa souls from sea and earth africa spirit
africa destruction murder africa soleil africa
soleil de ténèbres africa lost forgotten people
africa échos de tout"

appears the voice of night,
cries of the awakening earth,
détras del sonido llega la aurora
soften the glimmering sky,
now silenced, i lean and listen

thora dhe kwa che che
spirit, awake to



Comment. A mirror, perhaps something more than a window. A mirror in the night because the Beauty could rest to the call of the adorable Womb (Forte). Colours of earth and water through forgotten ways, wipe away tears. Malheur... the eyes look at the misfortune... a voice: who can comfort the pain? Mitleid, compassion for invisible bonds this night, Guardian of the Dawn (Forte)

The Bushman verse thora dhe kwa che che is the refrain on a song of the Masarwas people, from an essay by S. Dornan (1917).

Guido Monte thanks Viviana Fiorentino and Tancredi Caruso.

Claudine Giovannoni calls herself a "World citizen." Crossing the boundaries of the Earth, Water, and Air, she lives experiences that touch her soul bringing her to publish her writings. Her novels are in Italian: Il Kumihimo del Sole, 2005 - Nebbie nella Brughiera, 2007 - Il Cristallo della Pace, 2010 (Seneca Edizioni, Torino). She is a dreamer and an idealist, and lives in Switzerland, where she shares with her family the love for Nature with the greatest respect and veneration.

Francesca Saieva teaches philosophy and pedagogy and was an adjunct professor at the University of Palermo (Italy).

Sophie Sherova is a Russian photographer. About her, see
http://www.flickr.com/photos/sophie_sherova/, and her "fotoracconto" on

Picture: untitled, by Sophie Sherova (2010).


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