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Digi-Greenland Of The Heart


by Maxwell Clark


Societal Poetry



(Swans - November 29, 2010)  

ay-a-yaya-a-a-aa-ya-ya... (chorus)

ketamine ocean.
occassional, equilibriated, and distinct revolutions.
orthodox tchotkes growing over in trans-descendance.
reverse di ting.
ting wi reverse.
massive likkle soundgyals.
gay liberation dancehall.
be i.
i ? i choreo-geographer of their out-twisting viral efflorescence AKA capital.

axiomatic ( mathematics ( ontology ( a priorism ( theological substance ))))

phacing the other as infinity is ultra-materialist individuation.

we make our own history, out of ourselves, out of what is outside ourselves:

"onto-phenomenology" -- conceptually smudge these letters à la super-sensibilidad.

anything u want, anything u need, anything ur soul desires\lovies.
cervical orgasms.
o.d.b. ain't dead, he exists within me.

"i'm just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round,
i really love to watch them roll,
no longer riding on the merry-go-round,
i just had to let it go"

the body is an essentialism.
i can doubt i shall die.


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About the Author

Maxwell Clark is a writer living in New Haven, Connecticut. He is also a digital musician working under the moniker Smojphace (http://soundcloud.com/smojphace).   (back)


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