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MASSIF: A Protocol For My Eulogy


by Maxwell Clark



Pic: "Japanese Kitsune" - Size: 15k
Japanese Kitsune




In as this poem has consumed most of my working hours over the past year, I consider it, insofar as it is not already immortal, somewhat representative of that calendrical period.
—Maxwell Clark


(Swans - November 1, 2010)  

Bucolic irradiations
Stain bluish dung
Into facial creases.
Obsidian sparkling dung
Wells up
Over furrows.
Animated by effluxes of the sun, this text is a trace of its excess.
But all this must be erased, in order to sustain the proper momentum of thought. The author must remember to forget, to expend without reserve.
Tremor with echoes
Opening the flesh
To useless ejaculations.
Cup skull and buttocks,
Gift of luxuriant efflux.
Trilling, trilling disclosure
Of obsidian swarms
From antenae lush.
O! anti-reproduction.
Hyperphysical deliverance grains Ricardo. Being there the site, his jutting forth as a trace turns its redeeming. ---Weak turbulence-patterning of grasses touched by winds. Lips gluing up swooning cusps. A culling of aroundness. Vents of eroticism fan out along ossatures of feeling. A covenant of death-anxiety worlds him. Prismatic razors gut his docility. Dubstep grime coruscates basslines omnipotent. Silk-coated hyenas ignite corporeally. All is always already an immanent recycling. There he is an empty soccer field. Arrivant gorgons grasping all.

A ripening of his regionality. Guiltless convolutions wended along. Latencies recoiled into immanence. A thousand invisible threads tie Ricardo's heartsong to the masses. Exhaustion prickles over him. Sullen, dirtied snow as raiments for the clearing. Ricardo's pores heave with anguish. He is opened unto yet inconstruable places. Communion pours through. An asphalt parking lot dappled with geoluminescent facets swims beside the soccer field. Counterings juxtapose at all his interstices. A consolidating fringe of abstraction unshelters all thisness.

Recoils torque the brittle weave of externality. It is all already done. Clutterings plate scales upon his fleshy lenses. Money eases the friction of hermeneutic distance. Whorls of snow gravitate, as framed by the radiance of a floodlight. Oceanic maws consume him again. An odiferous copse of arbors semi-circumscribe his flank. The clearing retains phenomenal traces of Ricardo's care. She is unsealed. Her being is given over to the hand.

A gully of ferns undulates beneath floodlights. Neocolonial architectures unfurl peripherally. Night enwombs around Ricardo a murex aureole. He pulls on a joint demurely. His being-there circulates with the tissues of everything. He imagines being anally raped. Dung-golden darkness in the creases of imperialist violence, tremoring his thisness as a bell. The streets are upwelling, heaving, all starry. Ricardo traces a necropolitical circle absent circumference or center. Indigenous skulls gaze through his gaze.

All becomes glommed with spit. World-trauma seeps in. Ricardo is blanketed by the trilling of ambient technologies. Arachnids swarm out of his father's rent breast. Apertures dilate. Interfaces become porous. A black constellation swarm of secrecies descends. Ricardo metamorphoses into a peacock-deer, then a resounding tortoise. Our hands give the space of the soccer field. Ricardo names his numbers. Everything nestles within a nestling.

Utter isolation is fringed with an otherwise communion. Ricardo collects shards for a mosaic. He does things without end, or ends -- freedom as an efflux of the useless, unnecessary. Uneven but combined insect resonances opened-enclosed within the gully of ferns. Ricardo has forgotten so much since remembering this place.

A leonine yawning. A pause. His purple raincoat becomes epidermal. Someone paints over the landscape with a Chinese brush. 3am snowfall. Ricardo ascends above tree-line. Even the hyenas slumber. He erases his signature. An archipelago of umbrellas discloses efflorescing genitalia.

Still disseminating himself into the handled ecology, Ricardo pulls again off his joint. A trillion or more selves have circulated through his name. His sovereignty ripples in subatomic orbits. He becomes fixated into a landscape -- into the optic memory of a near-distant satellite.

Chrematistics articulate the hand. Social organs of sensuousness coagulate. Lushness wells up in him. Incomprehensible detours betray the censored. Trees like entombed nymphs. Diademed masturbation. Our field pixelates. Ricardo mourns the dictates of his taste.

'O, learn to read what silent love hath writ.'

Leaves of the gully
All with golden veins,
Turbulence thrown.
fiber-optics yoke things more tightly. The gully of patterned ferns breathes multiply. Decoupled species combust on geological time-scales. Ricardo is populated by the remnants of other subjectivities. Everything conspires together. He is a refugee of all enclosures. His mental flesh is flooded over with paucities and mediocrities. The field disjoints and joints in copulation with him. Categories of flesh well over. Humpback whales hover along above him. He smothers the end of the joint against a stone and then chucks it into the surrounding woods.

For all
Such that
There exists
For all
There exists.
Torrents of jubilation seize his whirling complexus. Narcotic beatification smoothes his hair. Inky milk vortices coagulate. Bacchanal inhabitings howl fuzzy sets. Ricardo's hands disassemble buds of cannabis into an envelope of rolling paper. Kissing the parchment just so with lip and tongue his hands turn out another joint. His hands lift it to his mouth just so, spark his lighter after a few goes, then he inhales softly. The hollow plane of the soccer field is over-brimming.

Ricardo extrapolates intercorporealities. Feudal rabbit-warrens wilt recrudescent. Frothing intercourse. Supersaturated with worldliness. Chremastocracy. Mediocre goblins. Universal torture. Squawking. Astronomic songs branded upon the heart. Hyper-batucada triumphant in the percussive turn. Universal concussive trauma. Pharmacology externally accelerates and immanently decays neural evolution. Presubjective labor of natural appropriation. Chainsaws gut Ricardo's testicles. His fallow womb'd ex populates a depressive episode. Hyperpolyrhythmic division of labor. Mourning strings seethe vicious. Harps dithyramb nostalgic.

Songs sung singingly. Fisher-weasels prey upon jurassic ostriches. Ricardo is Ricardo in another.

---Incubator poems. Numinous insights dissolute. Remodeling. Digi-claps triggered. Steppers' delight. Possesive apostrophes. Ultimately futile luxury of all being. Tubular gnarliness. Decrescendos of omnipotence.

Velveteen moss populates his touch. Petrified barbs rake against his turbulence. All is nesting as fungi. His joint gifts enspiraled libations of incense to her clearing under 3am black fur hood. Exhaustive circumlocutions. Every footprint an archive. Time accretes as does the spiral of a snail shell. Ricardo tastes sooty blueberries. Glacial wounds melt tears into the dung-blue creases of his raccoon-face. Uneven but combined liberation extant even in micrologies. Technology more human than the biological givens of the body. Ricardo recognizes himself only in his residues. He digests the flesh of the gods. Glossy environs gyrate. He copulates with the perimeters of being. Resignation is will itself.

Resurrected embers may come to sear the hands that once tended them. All technique approaches the speed of light. Silence exudes dialogues unto him. A rancidity culled from the marrow of institutions thrashes within him. All aches with becoming. A thisness encrusted with propellant fidelity. He attends the compaction of the world with care.

Hypernatural revelations. Ricardo's sensuousness permeates all his passing remoteness. The soccer field fielding him is a commons.
Winter's maw is ever collapsing over him. Minutely compressed-compressing digitalia. Hyperabundance of vector calculations. As the returning spiral advances. Long water-grasses deformed by the wind. Aerodynamics of a single dying leaf. Untranslatable force precipitates in the field. A river of fire pours through. Bodily articulations refined technologically. Unknowns filtered diagonally. Hand dances.
Halibut acids age hotel despots.

Ninja versus samurai.
An excessive gift of a book. A disorganization verging towards total. Ricardo burns his down for the vanquished billions. Harmoniums thrum along the strand. Crested machinations graze ostrich-like. Murmurs continue welling up. Gutted innards of a coherent conceptual armature. Hollows and warrens seething emblems. Knuckled ridges. Iridescent rings telescope.
Scalped craniums jut out in obscure patterns. Voluptuous estates toured.
Satanic shame manifests. Laid into depression.
Truncation. Arrhythmia. Pretension abounding, inexorable. Violent outcomes indicated microscopically. Nebulae orbit voids. We are extravagantly splayed along the suburban golf course.

gaze unfocuses and breached is the wow.

Dilated jaguars paint trails of their own being behind them. Ricardo cocoons himself. Numerous self-redactions blessedly cripple this blessed text. Unbundled multiplicities surge through its meshwork. Fish scales stud Ricardo's septum. Murmured putrescences of financiers fix the field. Whirling uptake of nervous stimuli overwhelming. Neon-azure lichen. The order of things oxidizes. He flashes his whip. Sacramental hosts of labor-value shepherd us along. Dead, fecund leaves populate his nostrils. Silent, scentless, intangible, tasteless immobility of the impossible. Negation pools itself up in the interstices.
Weave numbers into this thing-making, bumblehole, propel it into an overwhelming exertion,
Exhaust it unto death,
Such chremastic energy sinks
Also secrete an efflux of freedom.
Profane hallucinations wax large
And tall grass-whorls rush patterned --Clouds fractalize along their perimeters

World nervature contorted
As the returned spiral advances.
An aspiration of pheromones
Wilts iridescent hollows and warrens.
A touch of categorical slurrings
All along echo chambers.
Individuation as creeping extinction.
Lilly-pad archipelagoes pixelate.
Gashed child's face concaves into mist;
---A shroud stitched around the perimeters of corporeality.
Intoxicated reunion defers reification.
Sad nimbi cloud the canton.
Reverberations undulate along inconstruable ridges.
Convections of hatred populate across the field.
Folded within checkpoints and blast walls.
Anything test, dead.

Vehicles of inertia recycle forward.
Quaking neutralities abate unto treachery.
Timbral texture of a porous murmur.

Overtones of void-subjects
Containerizing our lucre-totality;
Dismantling mantles;
acidic churn
Polyvalent whirligigs swoon.
Analogue noise-blankets coma.
Flaring steps convolute.
Paralytic deserts seethe.
All is unsealed
Glacial wounds melt.
Truncation of being.
Rewound advances.
Sculpting the medial void.
imperial warlords read the entrails of their bank accounts to conjure up global abomination.
It takes a lot of means to be an end-in-oneself.
Biodigitalia perfumes this thing.
Sorrow is harvested from my breast.
Shivering euphoria of revulsion.
Bucolic lawns insulated by lucre.
I am the one who hears from afar.

I drink maté erringly. Hypercathexi obliterate their substratum-mechanism. Anything I write will come to relate to anything I write. Mighty leaves vomited up by the torsion of displaced atmospheres. Just dance. Halogen light bulbs are the new dawn. Veins crackle with paint, venom. Infidelity of this dead branch. Vacuous innovations. pseudo-Ptolemaic self-as-sun.

Waves of fir (I. Codex):

I am the last who would redeem you with the word. Impossible book. Impossible of books. (the impossible happens.)

Mine codices are ever a rereading otherwise. Glorious to be in such graces as these. Carnality envelopes out an incorporealizing drive. Log drums puke pulses. Elvis Garcia trods a neon-pastel trace through the suburbs of NYC. All teaching unlearns. Appearance-in-itself. So preciously belabored an interminable outpouring. Elvis Garcia is sober. Abodes wither and flourish. Cupping of being into itself. Sacs of blood tremble. Triadics zoom scalar. Wanton tact. Tracts, digests.

I. 'being in fact a living corpse -- the one who has been defeated and spared'

Indigestion of anxiety. Atrophic dispersals. To achieve nothing new, neither anything old. Stepping back into the opening.

I. Night is dark. Elvis Garcia sleeps in hotels sometimes. Ancestral sedimentation of the built environment. Exoskeletal architectures.

To rub embers against the grain of history.

By a thousand invisible threads
Did you beckon us,
By a thousand invisible threads
Did you raise us up,
By a thousand invisible threads
Your cups outpoured,
Quenched our wretched thirsts,
Smoothed our hair,
Filled up our empty, alien souls,
Bestowed exquisite peace,
By a thousand invisible threads
We are impelled to thank you,
By a thousand invisible threads
We offer you our friendship
We who live dead under

I am but one face of a coin
The other of which is an atlas.

Sip slowly from the urn of abomunism.

'The only intelligible language in which we converse with one another consists of our objects in their relation to each other.'

The unformulated remainder is the gift of every text.
Afford (no) hospitality to the clandestine,
I can write no other. I transmit pure self.
bothersome passage above.

Residues of institutional writings (species, race, genealogy) imprint the mental flesh as second nature.
Urbanity leads everywhere, coheres the topology of humankind -- the countryside is a furrowed ribcage of the city.

Bellow this shite.

A murmured antiphon and tatterdemalion hospitality as whispered through this latticework. Glory be to thyself as society.

I, raccoon-eyed, nest as spiders in our lungs. I nest in thou, love, as snow wreathes our hair.

Leviathan-jackals caw:
Nos mar un jardín de espumas, y nos jardín un mar de flores.

Erotic libraries and amphetamine salts. Synonymic lice-jumps. Abysses of sophistication. Anti-encyclopedic reserves. Sprouting a pair of spiraled ibex antlers. Invisible gloves. Immanence, not imminence.
Obsidian razors gut the empty shell of will
and grace of a docile child.
terminal insomnia. Cherubim piss acid. Fiber-optic yokes.
'I am without kingdom,
I shall reign, I reign, I have reigned.'

Integral disjointures. Rancorous copula.
Aerial photographs. The book of humanity is patterned on the theological encyclopedia. Obsolete scintillations. Everything becomes a model for everything else. Hollows and planes. Prosthesis of god.

Calendrical hegemony. Stimulant grimy. Deconstructures of feeling:
'If you ain't in my dollars then you ain't in my senses.'

If only to forget were as easy as to keep silence.

To be minutely precious, while maintaining a true taste for language.
To give a means of social relation, a grafting in and of consciousness of our concrete being together.

Buzzards gorge upon my testicles as I tongue your oceanic flower;
infrastructural hypertrophy.
Cupping your skull, I become polar bears; pricks sheathed in your maws and eyes frosted with rainbows. Fractal infinities, we glue and unglue at the cusps and lips; irradiations contracting all piths and pithiness. Muffled wet slapping and your raven hair in my mouth; I suck the erect bones of your fingers.
Velveteen whorls fall from the interlocking of our horns; subluminescent Haifa riles, rolls, galls, impels. A porousness; membranes flooding lushness; intangibles pawed; our trill immanent to the fens and ferns. Automatism interlaced with passion; our stultified faces, dappled blue in the creases, an iridescent blackness. Sonic booms reiterate in ideality through from the lowest signifiers of our mauled spinal cords.

Populous solitude
reexappropriate presence.
Urban tundra roils.
dun fungi billow spores.
Our cyberanthrope guttermoans.
Indirect communion
polices this district, for
its exits become entrances,
and known is the other,
who but resembles God.

Even purposeless scribbles
make what is necessary felt.

Address without discourse;
becoming itself given as meaning.

Intangible contact.
A porousness.
'lexical beehive.'
All is not to be thought in one go.
Serene rancor.
Involuntary volutions:
involuted ablutions.

Dew-flecked lips conjoin
all of all of all of all of all.
Categorical turbulence.

Species-being erodes.

All are the same in being other.
re: liberation from grammar:
petit-bourgeois (partisan press) rationality cannot save us from petit-bourgeois (fascist) irrationality.
a cut must be made: the irrationality of capitalism is natal to all future communist ratiocination.
apoeticism. excuse.

warholian-popism is a formidable pedagogy.
embracing all facets of the spectacle.
perhaps warhol did not know how incorrigibly radical he actually was.
likely he did.
likely he remains a yet unsurpassed "event."
it is not how far left you are, but how far left you are moving.

I am smiling a silliness for us.
Swan feathers rim my skull.
I am prancing about a gorgeous silliness for us.
Intimacy all around in us.

Economics is first ethics:
Overconstruction of houses
Ought not to erase dwelling even for one.
Vacant buildings are void of morality.

Apartheid lending practices
cruelly Bracket our biological continuum.

I drink this inky dust
and it becomes honey in my mouth;
becomes amphetamine induced offal,
fecund with maladaptive intensity.

Gobs of spit sheathe my phallus,
glittering impotent love
for an abominated species.

Gushing fountains unsealed.

Illegible script.
Infinity of revision.

Something worse than death or exile:
the glorification of passivity.

My face of stultification
is as a rainbow in the dark.

'signs in paranoid delusion form an endless,
self-adjusting network developing in all directions.'

I need the need of those who need nothing.

haloed and abysmal
amphetamine fiend.
Let usufruct reign in production.
wearied tremors.
Territorial motifs.

Industrial congregations.

Semblances torqued like the necks of dead giraffes;
obscurities nonetheless a window onto all relations.

Sensual nullity and disorganized thinking.
Love fissures into chrematistics.
Nubile resonances birthed in leprosy.

The universe innervates bodies;
innervation as the universal itself.
Hieratic and demotic scripts interfuse.

gladiatorial residues.
Hegemonic tensions seethe
even through the subatomic particles of everyday life.

make the words work for you, thanks.

All is wracked in division.
All is seamlessly coincident.
All becomes nothing.

That which resists being written is my concern.
The unwritten prehistory of a sensual totality,
anti-encyclopedic reserves.

Arcane and delirious origins of property,
logographs and sexagesimals of the god-king-father.

Superlatives coalesce into rococo constellations.

Bilious paths.
Inordinate amount of time majestically wasted writing this.

Against mere eclecticism,
against mere juxtaposition;
for a gathering of all of my traces together into a knotted whole,
a crystalline array-pattern.

Deindustrialized reliquary.
The insensible sensible
of grasping oneself as non-self.
Dubstep wobbles.
The concentration of generations
of technical innovation inherent in his laptop.

To discourse with the other,
i.e. society, made immanent
within this text through labor.
There is nothing else (to be) done.

These words fall from my fingers like snow.
Laotian involutionaries mass in eddies and whirlpools.

Genealogy as a set of massively extended receipts for certain ritual transactions of private property (in humans).

The rather aleatory combinations present in this text
cannot escape conceptual unification; they merely
present a novel course for conceptualization to unfold.

Octo-mega-soundshitstem wreckage.
Manifold events of authorial decision sublimate into nullity.

Winnipeg roils in its mushrooming subluminescence.
dreams rust;
manifold unconscious forces permeate practical consciousness
in an overdetermined non-contradiction (textbook);
Ahexotl trills a cloud of sixteen rounds
from the chamber of his mobile artillery,
six of which fold into Ricardo's corpse-in-becoming.

As Rhys crosses the threshold of the club's back door,
the door jams on Ricardo's frothing mass of depersonalized flesh.
Rhys chokes on his own larynx, stands quiet, and then shuts the door.

'Due to its cryptocrystalline internal structure, obsidian is relatively easy to work, as it breaks in very predictable and controlled ways via conchoidal fracturing.'

mechanomorphic architectonics
splayed across the pampas.

Complexus of the threshold.
Phrenological tests applied to Liebknecht by Marx.

Non-things reverberate non-phenomenally at flanked sub-bass orisons.
A paused image of non-intimacy;
Armando circumambulates the urban park space
around three thirty in the morning,
one of the twenty-four thieving hours of the day;
mange billowing from dun fungi.

Disjointures within copula.
Rhys lies prostrate amongst swarming prismatic scorpions.
Jamira's sledgehammer descends like a six-winged seraphim
through his cerebrum.

---Don Pedro Calderón de la Barca.
Ignorant schoolmasters.
drum machine operatics.
Trotsky tchotchkes.
The eternal return of profits as onto-theology of capital.
Dodecahedral inter-isolation.

being Post-Lockean in the 'sense' of encompassing more than just the individual's nervous system, that is to say, the entire tension driven ensemble of social relations, i.e. in part, you -- by a thousand invisible threads.

Organic composition of capital, i.e. bodies.
The written word is a telepathic medium; as all elaborated matter. \

Friendship - economic aspect.
All hierarchies work from a familial historical basis
              in the dialectical unfolding of our evolutionary inheritance
              into the practical consciousness of civilization.
              Imperialism contradicts the self-preservation of our species.
              Genetic diversity and the continued evolution of species;
              we must all be as richly related to the world as possible.

              Races may eventually dissolve through increased sexual contact rendered possible by technological world-compaction

Minnesota hedges,
The holy Ghostface
Motel zeitgeist,
Tape hiss,
Disconnect, impolitic, ditto,
Peace Connecticut.

Melt our faces in excessive convergences, differential repetitions.

All this merely research for a presentation to come.

And sickly-sweet tears
and mangled visages
and your autoimmunity
and stuttering eloquence
and leonine tenderness
and transient whooping
and the winter that follows this winter
and scooping pearls out the sea
and cauterize your language said they
and we are the colonized arbor
and effulgent metaphor display
and this is unspoken mute poetry
and never speak it, otherwise it will no longer be mine
and deploy your critical apparatuses
and this part to be read first you fool
and this is a misappropriation: 'if thought seeks to sidestep ... monotony by imagining a change ... it can effect its passage from present time to futurity only by way of a new humiliation'
and your outrageous falsities are all slight improvements upon all the previously existing falsities
and our special signal is the thumb hooked butterfly
and the persistence of arachnid empathies
and would like to cry in your arms
and sadness never intellectualizes
and us is not the U.S.
and us is not all philistines, not all,
and us has no periods to partition our different letters externally and immutably, to double their capitalization
and perforate the father's face with obsidian razors
and vomit and disease yours
and yours alone to savor.

All advertising as porn.
Maintained: writing in the wilderness. Disorganization, taken in its totality of effects, contains (is a contagion of) new organizations. Immanence, not imminence, of a new leviathan (bound by the body of the old and writhing now perhaps overmuch herein). We who focus on the point of greatest blindness enjoy the most fruitful production of insight.

Ibex fields of gluey dandelions and juniper ibexes and furrows of post-glacial melt melting into inequities and persecutions of bemused indifference as juniper turtles and porcupines invert into benign tumors as furloughed veins of obsidian quack and coo numerologically like dilapidated impulsions of retreading ancient taboos of ultramarine insipidness and oyster shells clack against embattlements like guitars shredding documents into webs and fenestrated ovals coo gurgling rhythms of insipid pheromones of grand washing machines in inquisitorial beatification or depopulated beaver dams lick manic ice cream furrows qualitatively overturning bemused opulence.

All is already transvalued, upturned in backwards spirals, inauthentic.

Absolute impoverishment
melts my face
into an iridescent constellation of blackness,
a meta-static proliferation of externalities,
an efflorescence of irrational fatalisms with fascistic implications,
a faceless monad of bonsai-clipped genealogies,
a genderless misogyny of inhuman price fixations,
undelimited and exceptional interrogation of self-sovereignty,
a knell in the half-ears of gallows kites.

Gully-rider am I,
selfless assemblage of all matter,
indeterminated and undifferentiable,
a non-localizable plane of local intensities,
an untraceable line.

Faceless killahs irradiating from without proximity (or distance) throughout the totality of our social massacre. The everyday intensity of torture inflicted upon latent communal being. Suburban golf courses. Numbed insulation hegemonic. The boundaries of the human body flooded over in sensuous excess. Inutility of passion. Imperialism hallucinates itself into every nexus and pore of their world. Standing atop an oxidized, organism-infested artillery battery while blazing spliffs. "Where were U in '92?": first or second grade about. Sub-bass orisons paint an undulating wolf gullet on the interior of my skull. Dubbed trumpets. Starry golden grime.

Lush opening into abomination. Infinite erasure goaded on by heeding what is. Heeding what is as unchosen impulsion. Unchosen impulsion as decomposition of the subject. Subject as hermetically embodied subject. Hermetically embodied subject as thing-in-itself. Thing-in-itself as commodity.

Hallucinations not other-worldly but hypersensuous. Paranoia a permeation of the grotesque throughout all objective relations (not merely indirect communications). We hurt only the ones we love. Painted vipers, concealing themselves everywhere peripheral, I am one. Ambiguity a tactic of interpersonal massacre. Once the body was measure; now the measure rules bodies.

Love is whoring. Spiraled displacements non-annulling, enwreathing coils of matter, a flood over indwelling bounds and, then, the retrenching. Categorical fallacy not necessarily invalid in practice.

'We play at imagining that we have chosen what is forced upon us. But when a human being is transformed, in his own eyes, into a sort of animal, almost paralyzed and altogether repulsive, he can no longer retain that illusion.'

A poetry of the future.

'The treasures of the night are buried under your feet,
Go easily along the glowing path of coals.'

I am as much the car swimming through the atmosphere as I am the tympanum which resounds with it. Divine madness. Valid madness.

Of resistance;
Precious little
Little gifts.

Deindustrialization reliquary
Aureoled with labor
Antiquarian deindustrialization
Enwreathed with slavery
Index of global antipodes
Archives of deindustrialization
Yoked with hatred
Knell resonating in silence
Architectural chrysalis of deindustrialization
Decadent brutalism astounding
Magisterial brutalism astounding

Poetry is
Subtraction from
the count.

Our mental flesh is perhaps not yet sensually enriched enough.
We will spiral and weave back through this problematic of mourning, in its demarcation upon the topography of the city, and the wilting mythological blooms it innervated our ancestors, our singularly genetic but privately estranged family, to bequeath us.

'We are faced with the fact ... that the bourgeois apparatus of production and publication can assimilate astonishing quantities of revolutionary themes, indeed, can propagate them without calling its own existence, and the existence of the class that owns it, seriously into question.'

symptoms of symptoms unending?
Well-enclosing unconcealment.
A populous solitude in its intertwining with a society to come: there is at least one who invokes and awaits that society; existing only through it, though it is not yet here.

He glittered:
'Ananzi is my name'
But heaven did not wither away.
She glittered:
'Ariadne is my name'
And extruded threads;
Apertures of totality.

No practice is ever totally faithful to its principle.
These words are the trace of real historical social being.
Its donation or deferral.

Ambrosial nanoseconds drone mosaic-clouds into the mental flesh. All approaches the speed of light. The ineradicable tissues of precambrian memory. A trace is the embodiment of history. Digi-trumpets clarion. Totality an echo chamber. Bardic medulla. Excessive convergences. Ullage of intention. Interface of humanity with computers: prosthesis of the mental flesh.

Fissiparous ossatures. Birds are the trace of dinosaurs.

Bigotries are the condition of the capitalist working environment's continued possibility. A singular text is read multiply (even by its author). Read this text against itself.

The more rigorous and even ruthless means necessary to attain an end, the more distant that end becomes.

NYC chauvinists. Hyper-bass permeates inter-corporeal plane.

'Moi qui vends ma pensée et qui veux être auteur.'

I, raccoon-eyed abomination,
a mosaic visage enwreathed in gold,
parricidal, seraphic.

I will not write of everyday household objects.

not imminence.

Practice is the absolute.
Universals mean war.
Not the blazons of pettiness, and autism, and routine, but the rapture, rupture, of useful insights voiced, the tenderness of absolute war.

Necessity of otherness, of non-presence to the totality of our senses, of the negation of empirical self-sameness, to precondition and impel the practical annexation of the material environment into the social body. Matter as exteriority (a term presuming the reciprocal immanence of the subject.). Matter is not without subjectivity.

All that has been touched by labor is no longer other to sensitivity and discursive dissemination; the resistances to theory result from a lack of real social elaboration.

Vulgar duplicates of idealism.
Penetrated slaves and absence of orgasm.

Of the subjectivity of the subjected: I am loathe to relinquish to these annals a non-private individuation. Disjointing privatization and individuation is an uproarious affront to me - and beware the yet illegitimate violence of my partiality.

The entire complex of society can be determined on the basis of sexual relations,
i.e. commodity relations.

A proper and upstanding respect
for the inviolable otherness of
factories and workplaces.

The future situations of this text imbue it with an infinite array of utilities. It is terrible to consider some. No confession is produced today without an echo in the ears of our profane gods. Our enemies must therefore be provided some hospitality herein: the promise of euthanasia.

Practice proscribes no textual form. The only measure to be applied to writing is its conditioning of social performance.

Overconstruction of dwellings and homelessness coinciding obscenely.

We each write our own history but not in a language of our own choosing.

Installation and choreography as partisan clustering modalities.
Qualitative leaps in the intensity of sensuousness.

'Language is the immediate actuality of thought.'
'Without signs there is no ideology.'
'We think only in signs.'

Obsidian skull-chopping,
wiphala swinging,
calendrical masters.

Of recent innervations:
burning efflorescences,
sensuous transferences,
oval vitals,
juniper kites,
opiate medullas,
ascending arguments.

The vanguard party,
as a publishing house,
is a small-business.


There's darkness at the end of the halo yet.

Military action as the continuation of politics
by other means and politics as condensed economics.

X-ray spex full body-scan me:
a lithe and supple sumo wrestler.
Resonate tympanum:
Ricardo is enveloped in a halo of ketamine hallucinations
feverish as slavery.
Aporias must give way to porosity.
Theologians swathed in flesh strung down from the attic.
everyday is halloween.
There are many ways of dancing to one rhythm.
Shit, gold, and the metabolism of humanity with nature,
i.e. economics.
Phonic dadaism.

Prostitute as metonym of wage-laborer.

'As if, each tiny tragedy had its own universe / or God to strike it down.'

If redder than red are our efflorescent surfaces:
Orange ostriches glitter skulls of obsidian helicopters
Exurban warlord calx populates quaternary junipers
Benumbed dodecahedral ultraviolence of gorgon noise
Quintuple viscerealities accrete euthanasia
Teletechnic calculus interfuses cyberanthropic poiesis

culling together the unprinted writing of many authors here
or, accreting their unprinted secretions
unprinted poem that I am
being myself am these others
an authorial slave
a new abolitionist united from others
as exurban fallacy seethes through intercorporeal space
and my confession of other fallacies ever and ever, amen
redeems eternal this flocked assemblage...woo-hah!

Geisthemmung 1. I cannot write what I want,
I can only please the specters,
Circumcise, castrate, and molt exoskeletons
That sublimate into golden miasmas
To patinate archaic phalli. 2. Poetic erections
Consigning shards
To wholeness
(Also). 3. Reiterating Shelley after Hegel and Artaud.
4. ------------------------------------- Read many subtleties into this. That is about the most unsubtle sentence possible. --------------------------------------An opening onto an enclosure. Nothing else occurs today in contemplation. The particular enclosure of being to be disclosed today is the enclosure of being itself. Being is the totality of beings in their historical dwelling. The historical dwelling of beings qua Being implies that this totality is an opening; totality-being is the historical labor of opening enclosures. An enclosure of being in-itself is unhistorical, it eludes temporality. Only the opening-process of totality releases enclosures to time, and thus their negation as enclosed being. Enclosed being entrusts us the rift of difference between private and public, the secret and the known, the other and the same, the body and act. The opening named totality is the interminable dismantling of these enclosure-rifts. But the totality of an enclosure, in all its stillness, is also not this course of totality. The course of totality opens up the stillness of an enclosed totality. But yet the course of this course of totality must again end in stillness, in an enriched totality of enclosure. But this invariable sway of being between totalities of stillness and of the course is itself an enclosed rift. Supreme totalization is the dismantling of this rift-structure. Neither stillness nor coursing describes supreme totality. (and beyond "supreme" totality?)

enough with the goadings of things
for they becometh lashes upon unhumans.

something more inclusive than humanism - so that animal sufferings may be redeemed

callow, calloused

--dumb spaces spaketh and pleromas all phased
abominately blessed is mine rebellion
against our otherwise lord
grace me with nah mercy
o, thou resemblance

the eating-process of self
neither digests the non-I
nor rejects the non-I as indigestible;
the eating-process of self
is as a digested in the digesting.
[Discipline to the text purely avaricious:] Hellish goblin am I, stained with feces of Satan.
Pestilence embraces mine gibberish of the tortured.
Sheaves of filth crumble outwards.
Reheated swill
Of nothing eventful
Are my poems.
Unsleeping yet,
Having slept all day,
Unfocused boredom stains everything.
For a poetry of divine violence.

Break weirdly with all influences
to preserve and respect them.
Tumescences of the world bursting with
Stark, raving prescience.
Diagonals shriek of Mammon-Shiva.
That is all.
Numen of the words,
I shake thee free!
None is worries. Andy Warhol hates me.
Rehab riddims curlicue across the pampas.
Asses gripped through panties.
Humus of earth smeared across the face.
I am desirous.
Curlicue chalk circles...
Buttocks so close to mine hands.
Denuded of the other.

The dominant onto-phenomenology of any society is the onto-phenomenology of the ruling class.

Numbers and letters resemblant.
15 min. poem: The body-envelope orgasms. Every life is a glorious waste of being.
Behind the face are masses.
Others eat slices of flesh from my dead abdomen.
My abdomen becomes thorax
Supplemented by arachnid mega-abdomen.
I give up early.

We congregate on the porch, woven together by passings of the blunt. Nothing ends with death. Dodeccahedral interstices unglue at lips.

Bucolics immanent to the body. Orca incisors manifest. Fern reproduction. '82 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme dubbed Betsy Xiomara Hirokawa. Slum girl and boy hurrying to school. 'Everyday life is preserved in mediocrity or it must perish.' Practical formalities. Blood is a language. 5/4 over 3/4. A series of unclaspings. Rhys populates the knotted anus of Bogdan. Armor-plated fish dabble about the aquarium. Thinking-of-you-thinking-of-me. Logic as sedimentation of labor. Incorporealities and intermundia. Compressing the cusp of my cock. Urban park spaces. Scarabs immersed in lung tissue. Grasses react like coral in the wind. The other as condition of immanence.

'What God has cleansed, that call not thou common.'

Minutely spliced samples filtered and sequenced digitally. Particles of dust daub pointillist artwork on the surface of my eye. 'The bed hurtles down rails of blue honey.' Orchestral disco. Loosing arrows up the shite-holes. Penetrate or be penetrated.

Zoolatry. 'The Other resembles God.'

'What is animal becomes human
and what is human becomes animal.'

Universals mean war.
Iridescent cobra hoods effloresce over expropriators.
Ideological ketamine flays congregations of the expropriated.
The indefinite deferral of sensuous needs.

Not what I say,
but from where,
to whom,
with what urgency?

Not the words,
but what they join,
why they prompt.
Come, come, yes, yes.

Blush of olive.
Juxtapositions enfolded.
Differences gathered.
Sensible self-presence,
the touching-touched,
all this becomes our property.
Where nothing is elsewhere and
none instituted as non-sensuous other.

Tendrils of bare life;
libidinal impulses upraised.
No more slumbering through the slums.
'Hope deferred maketh the heart abominable.'

An arrangement of literary flowers,
each blossom differentiating the total composition,
each bloom condemned to wither absent organic connections;
an improbable scattering of pollen cross the stigmas of reception;
a becoming concrete in ellipsis.

Hierophants of the everyday.

Each neuronal cleft a receptor.

Our purple corollas glitter the perfume of oppression.
An auratic tongue kissing of paranoiac enemies.

Mediocrity is brutal;
o, don of clandestine techno,
saint of rodomontades.
Birds do augur,
and all conspires together,
forever and ever, amen.

Odiferous pastel sky.
Digital blankets of noise.
Lush, iridescent plotz,

To have touched the pith,
and adumbrated its flesh,
become proximate,
through labor,
with the other-as-self.

Sociopathic remorselessness of capitalism.

Summarily: deadened.
Fuck the biters - sympathetically.
Leninist stylizations,
i.e. stylenessness.
Spirulina pigments permeate Ricardo's flesh.
Logic as identity of the labor-process.
Acid blotter adorned with Marx portraits.
Smoking 5-meo-DMT arrayed in purple raincoat:
an utterly pleasant experience of death.

The clouds weep violently, indignantly.

Fuzzy sets.
Ingathered forces trill like circuitry.
'visible material must capture invisible forces'.
Glass harmonicas wreathe our hair in snow.
Permit to bury.
On the relation between genealogy and etymology:
blood is a language.
Igneous obsidian equivalents for hemp fiber.
Glory be to
thyself as society.
Practical formalities.
Cantonment of the world.

Leeched of intangibles in tangible currency.
Fern reproduction.
Quatrefoils in my milieu ribbon-like.

13-year-old prostitute thinks me ugly.
Prosthesis of god as metonymic object-idol.

None are so blind as those that refuse to read.
Matrilocal dispositions masticated over.
Privacy is violence and all are terrorized.
Universal intimacy now.

Seed crystals.
Laborer as convict.

...i suppose the family remains a privileged locus of analysis only insofar as its economic yokes remain in force. the rending of the familial bond renders psychoanalysis increasingly irrelevant. but, back to the question: have i a family in truth? or none, or more than one?

In manifestations the street becomes a military theater,
a line of communication,
a geometrically precise balance of forces.

intervallic relations.
Ricardo gnaws scorpion pincers
as we no longer venerate art,
no longer consider it a medium
or substitute for another world,
as walking bonzai trees would become redwoods.
As the combined musculature of a juniper copse levitates me into failure.

I sing the praises of apples.
wild gesticulation of my authorial scepter.
Pharoah Sanders overblows his saxophone
like one climbing out of a shit-hole.

In a proper genealogy each inherits the world.

Howling disembowelments
resonate the human bell;
a ceaseless global vomiting.
Bones chalk and lungs curdle,
even, especially, the inhuman wails -- rattled till the marrow spills perfume.

Man smokes a joint demurely.
Coruscating obsidian night
enwombs around him
a murex aureole.

Bellum omnium contra omnes.
'Flow roll like water off the brim when it rain'.


'I take the first subject that chance offers. They are all equally good to me. And I never plan to develop them completely. For I do not see the whole of anything. Nor do those who promise to show it to us. Of a hundred members and faces that each thing has, I take one, sometimes only to lick it, sometimes to brush the surface, sometimes to pinch it to the bone. I give it a stab, not as wide but as deep as I know how. And most often I like to take them from some unaccustomed point of view. I would venture to treat some matter thoroughly, if I knew myself less well. Scattering a word here, there another, samples separated from their context, dispersed, without a plan and without a promise, I am not bound to make something of them or to adhere to them myself without varying when I please and giving myself up to doubt and uncertainty and my ruling quality, which is ignorance.'


posterior blueprints:

a finitude consolidates
out of prior infinity,
its own measure is ever less than its ancestral contours.
no matter what its concrete passages of expropriation
what remains forever archived in its pith
is its anterior face.
or not?

incurvatus in se:
chimes spill nectar.
i am pure concupiscence.
genital cathexis.

aphonic heart-wound:
i let it be done.

snitches get whacked.

emptiness gives form, not content.

I laze. The Phrenology of Mind.

Hatas our motivation.

emergent badness voluptuous. unqualified.

I toss these builds to our gregariousness. Would that their wastes catalyze within the innermost.

Finalities are the pivot of infinity.
baroque zombie disco.

oval of ovals
all eccentric
yet cohered.

(too great a concision of expression and multitude of reference.)

all that is
is itself
a tracing back
into the archaic.
matter is what arrives before.
the future is ever an ideality,
a cognitive repetition
of past patterns.

pure historicity,
as trace,
is always the traumatic real,
that which remodels
existing enframings.

dream logic
the unsleeping author.

gorgeous abjection of the
ecstacy motherfucker.

if only to thrash out texts in a rabid frenzy.
(mumbles, laughs to himself)

the acidic hollows of mine being,
let adrift in the permanent maw of winter
and benumbed with the sober care
of clinical mummies.
so gut mine innards
so to resound with your honeyed cacophony,
excepting that i ward a self,
for whose putrid respect
i am cowed.

(moos loudly and longly)

the ego is proprietary, in fine.
and its sickly-sweet exhumation is this.
tremored forth acidic.
of a neon-creased face.
paved with bile.
eviscerated with obsidian.
castrated and noseless.
a leviathan-index.

seething mass violences alone may heal us.

as everyone is pretty much boring in the last instance.
death does give a special charm although.

feudal cottage life weird.
the instinct of reason weird.

the conceit of all theory.

the word is ever abdication.

II. mnonmad

text-isolates plugged outwards... all object-meshing itself is out-faced.

ungodly rare repetitions of the evental.
letters to snag dolphins out of sea, and so on...
letters to sneeze anew with.
miraculous letters of the act-world.

glizzering oval horizon of frictional giving.

an egg. plugged into the void of its outer-world. its plates convect along ossatures of expression, shambling their housing-affect. notorious.

words to weird things with.

gaucho lotharios.


stupid investment of labor be this. foolish gamble. the indulged excess and fount of persecution. i write this as though imprisoned in a permanently 80s-style office. as though i were my own father.

blasting strata.

love (the family) is olden, and must die.
familial essence of all social organizations.
patristics the structure of structures.

couching semtex as play-doh is bothersome in extreme.

what it do what it is:
the act
over against
its body.
labor above
its paused corporeal contours.
change decidedly prior
statics of flesh.

crackling, numinous I spit
bereavement from self that is self.
a tumbling-out surplus of individuation.
--a desublimation of religious ardors.
incessant oceanic churn.
perforated by complexus incurving.
urbanization numbs us of its own efflux.
precisions jut out.

exhaustion trills.
comes nearer death
its ovular circuitries nigh.

remnant parts
be this
of out-penetrating
dubbed empire.

its untwisting
viral efflorescence.

breaching the wow:

turn away from the page in reading this.
suppress, death-like,
representational functions
of memory and self-consciousness
and merely drone total.
unrivet sensory placements
in purest abstraction
of the flesh
fleeing the flesh.

              On reading from C. Bernstein's "Asylums":
              i do not indent as well.
              indentations sometimes appear preposterous to me.
              a stupid form of ornamentation.
              expressing nothing.
              except ultimately untranslatable pauses in breathing.
              but i do not breathe.
              i asphyxiate.

ultra-hype, sky-blue.
sluicing offal from exterior
to exteriority.
avaricous cooperations
mangle the face.
droning out along landscapes
unriveted from corporeality.

the boring, boring lives of poets.

numinous resonances convect
multi-diagonally across porous limits of individuation.

scrubby verdure
(am recapitulating western filmics.)
iridescent ponies lick my forehead.
and prance, hobby-kneed.

what is wrong?
is there something wrong?

meth abstracted.
fissiparous ossatures crackle luminescent.
underdetermined ovular.

maximal transference.


the generic interpenetration of opposites - so much of everything is in this.
insect digestion melodies.

venal organics. venal ciphering.

a. The inherited theocratic boundaries of Rome, a kind of trench known as the pomerium, later to be marked off by white stones known as cippi, fail to coincide with any known walled structure or significant aspect of local terrain such as the Seven Hills. (See: contemporary urban planning.)

tired of the stupid shit.
nil venal.
couture banal.
unthinking prescience.
weeping abrasions.

absence of subject
as subject.
dislocation as location.

vocabulary exhausted already by now, here, in the text, as i am writing it.

sub-objects mesh.
hyphens melt.
slurrings is not dialectics.

dumb, as in insensitive, is the word itself. affectless.
the word for-us is sensuously mediated. affected.

that removed
from its place,
is what we are.

a place is within itself
as two superimposed places,
the cut between being their outside,
the escape.

the sense of labor is self.

at bottom
we are nature
in having nature outside us.

the human is.
this axiom
already performs

you are reading this:

my letters have already arrived at their destination
and i know we know this.
to text is deferred telepathics.

Those who suffer the ecstasy of animals, meaning Death:

'When a lifestyle is as decadent as the late bourgeois one, then mere architectural reform
can no longer be shrouded but must be without soul.'

owenic-hotel commune.

intention and reception: spatial dialectic, trace, etc.

uptowards a permanent carnival of the oppressed.

blanketed me with your body, i dreamt.
grasped my cock.
and things were of right.

oh self-lord, may i come to accrue rent on this mould.
and bucolic lushness deexternalize.

multilinear convolutions
          absent origin.

the binarization of totality
          proceeds unchecked.

archives of the gut,
          the gutted.

doubt all gut feelings.

doubt everything
          even that you think
          because the use of language remains.

hyperaboreal colonialism.
a dichotomous root
begins and ends us in the middle,
this is utopianism.
An imperial origin
overcodes all our historicity,
this is apocalyptics.


the absence of a unified third
between binaries
the constitution of its presence in the fourth.

re: Smoking Blunts in New Haven:

'The proles are not going to do psychoanalysis, since they
are the ones who supply surplus-value to the employers;
thus, to follow Lacan, surplus jouir belongs to
the bourgeoisie.'

Illicit lucre manifested
Auspices of sensual derangement
Fecundate our ingathering talks.

Blunts oft razor our lumpen intellect into an obsidian scalpel.

Smoke-woven intercourse camouflage-negotiates
Pincering debts and
Ever emergent rapine.

A poor peace

'slavery of paradise.'
i am of a seamless taughtness with the surroundings.
place become subject. chiasmus.
sensual lushness of such dispersal itself,
indexed on the central fringes.
detailed flights
from the commodity-world
are the will of property itself.
'I am being killed by what keeps me from dying.'
this death mask of the author
is pixelated in ambrosial acid.

sickly-sweet exhumation is this.
tremored forth acidic.
of a neon-creased face.
paved with bile.
eviscerated with obsidian.

castrated and noseless.
a leviathan-index.
an alien specification of the species.

field recording:

as i lie in bed:
velvet dales shimmer in snowy heat:

i dreamt i was looking out on the rural.
and the city was behind me.
and i asked my neighbor:
where is the city?
and he said:
behind me.
and i kept looking at the rural:
but the rural is of the city.
i knew better then, although i did not know then,
in my dream.

May these stiff words
Be made only a true frame
For what canvasses us all around.
May a thousand invisible threads
Intricately lace each heart-knot
To the massive.
A massive reduced to itself
As the world's one enveloping horizon
Absent any punctures
By infinitely heavenly ladders of lucre.

trill the tiny bells inside.
meander the currents of air. palm them.
virulent lucre.
gels intangible. otherwhere.


'get rid of copyright (this text is copyright)'

copyright extends beyond the hands,
cancer-text of the proper.
non-adjacent manifesting.
violence harbors it. violence guts it.
an advertisement of the self.

beware all other texts
not confessing the same.
thus end the torture here.
outworks of an ellipsis.

starfish infinitesimally chopped

and regenerated kaleidoscopic,
this is the build.

zoom in
on its recycling latticework

grafts of starry flesh
enfractalize in
mosaiced cavities.

oceanic maw
let it be so.

O! nagual unmoorings...

needled interstices of nimbus.

braided passages overflowing with discretion, distanced from all context:
'to my knowledge he never pronounced as such; this matters little.'

termless relations obtained through these terms.
apolar meanderings.
first-order alienation of texting grafted over with second-order alienation of publishing.
unpacking the void.

awkward notational rhythm.

'(how many revolutionary groups as such are already in place for a co-option that will be carried out only in the future, and form an apparatus for the absorption of surplus value not even produced yet - which gives them precisely an apparent revolutionary position?)'

plier out a conceptuality
from the indecomposable,
butcher things, do violence,
and you've a poem.
because it is so.
because it is so,
it is so.
were it not so,
it would not be so.


snowy coals
the engrimed face
of neon.

superlative is nothing.

because it was and is not and is to come.

read more slowly - i am all too certain you rush me.

everything depends on the moment of coitus (see: universal prostitution, with the exception of rape).

malaise rots the marrow. useless sentence that.

the presence of
thingness in question
because of its giveness
rather than performance.

duction of patches, corridors, and surrounding matrix
embalmed bodies weeping black pus.

(i skip words.)
i furrow his anus
for lucre.
(retorts elliptical.)
i do not, but
he penetrates me.
i dribble with his seed.
i fart
his unloving
across the infinite face.
i sold my library.

monster mash:
intellect debased,
grip thine genitalia.

Plague of reason
tickles me with anguish
of discernment.

reason of reason
is there none.

o massive cornholio resplendent:
o resplendent blackness
of light pollution
through all pores
of my embalmment.
cursed pincers of exclusion
and familiarity.
that what dwells within me
more than myself.

wretchedly overinvested in this manuscript. stony are my tear ducts yet. to withhold from weeping all the more annihilatory.

No love.

cosmic isolation.
cosmic isolation is the rabid pith.
it is what is.
faithful readers will quote me here.

foul hollows in pure fullness.

turn the page 180 degrees: the contour of a massif.
of a massive.
of a mass.

jackal imagery trite.
weeping gorgeous. recondite. swooning lush. Transfigured shadows.

mine bilious marrow boils.
if only to render sustained joy.

liner notes to exteriority. exterior themselves.

a periodic pivot be this.

oceanic guilt subsumes me.
a compacted-compacting grind at all interstices.
a penting up.

theory subtracted from poetry.
poetry needn't subtract from theory.
(gnarls of the faceless here.)

'I do not believe in the writing-cure.'

remain unguarded
to these last flowerings.

poetry is concerned with everything people are willing to pay to find written
as poetry.

what is real is what orders the disorder of these letters.
this, my pact with you.
i believe you cannot believe otherwise.

[rehab decrescendo begins + other things]

spider maws gnaw my testicles.
Inspiration swallowed by maws of pharmacology

mine optics coruscate obsidian
lazy fountains
foaming anomie overabundant
fields of grain wind-patterned alongside highways.
animals opened unto the human.

Ricardo ashes the joint in his eye. The Other resembles Satan. Disjointed affects. Searing irons spit through the anus. Hatred is ascendant. Gutter anonymity. Unclean envelope. Memory stains his being. Fragile bodies broken everywhere exploding. ebullient without reservation. The text scalps me. rancid empathy with world-prison. Barren conjunctures purify the word. Dumb love emanates of desperation. Days of destitution. Book of abomination. Ricardo sequences disco samples with abandon. Seething mathematics. Sublime discord. Reserves depleted over and again. Caked nostrils smell no evil. Inordinance of things quivers the passive flesh. Streets is feverish. Ugliness grains.

Ciphers of isolation thrown to the maw of the species. Contours of being's passage given over. Everywhere eviscerates the here. Dumb letters folded like hands. Shivered gush of the body. Shimmering agonies excreted.

Invisible threads of constriction. Hunger for redemption excruciating. Exertions pathetic. Unknowns creep intimate. Loveless labor. Fixated lusts writhe. Blessing of all the irradiating. by any ends necessary. Guilt of communication bores in. Sensitive beyond rationality. Vivid defilement indwelling. Fear goads everything. Putrescence accelerates. Sapped of vitality. Absence of satiety infects every word. Faces curlicued with shrapnel. Police protect our greediness. Digital intensities of abeyance.

Being smart is dumb. body as grave. Banalities soothe. Disrespect engulfs me. Collapsed into refuse. Infected with poverty. Pills gorged. Tracers spill across the night horizon. Smoke jellyfishes illegally. Fumes of pestilence withering. Owned.

telepathic hell of being yoked with the world. Sadness triumphal. Burdened with precosity. (not) Flush with toxins. Letters bleached of their proper microbiology. Gashed is this word. No such thing as silence. Tissue of being rattled unto retardation. Erotic terror renders all spirituality null. Quaking within the outside. Meditations dormant with force. Psychotic squalor supreme. Croaking of ravens. Infinity of reproduction -- undeath. unwell. Quickening of things all flourishing, all unwarranted. Oil pipelines. Ruthless, remorseless poisoning of things by sacrament. Shuddering lack of self-presence. Incoporeal fibers lace down the docile. Spectacles of gluttony.

Antiproductive, repetitive. sufferation 'pon sufferation. Torrents of exhaustion pour over. Milieus of obsidian grime. nothing clicks. Helpless before the real. bellows of the hollow. Isolating animosities thrive inside. Everywhere seems torture and rape. Exit is arrivant. Zealous indifference encloses. Sorrow excoriating. totally unsupportive environment.

Concentrated distractions. Bilious paths. Bulbous arrangements. Battered by wails. passionate boredom. Antarctic empathies. Interminably driven. Crossing inconstruables. Debt desiccates. Pathetic congregations. trudging onwards ever. Permanencies to end only in death. Buttressed with spite.

God is in herds. Statics crippling. humbled in the highest. Satanic gazes murmur death at me. Ostracism entrenches itself. Unintelligible dithyrambs of paranoia. calloused at every turning. anomie peaks and peaks again. dissension annihilated through indirect channels. Tactile impressions of obliteration. Cosmographic poetry-memoir.

Radio demons. Testament of the despised. weak with unsheltering. Sanctuary in study. Predating all is perhaps the future.

Miniature checkering of all things. Shearing encorpsement of the fevered flesh. Familial entrapment. enfoulment all-encompassing but nowhere apparent. Criteria of composition abstruse. Isolation through my relations with others. Ruins of the present fade in their tainting. special phrases coagulate out of unceasing complaint. Ever misinterpreting unintelligible whispers.

Ever exiting into the same. Blush of emancipation soon fades. Brambled thicket curls around cold-paralyzed figure of an endless fugitive night. Accelerated aging of all authentic liberation. Better intense bouts of homeless misery than infinite-unto-death docility. Rays of intoxication shot through things. Howling the self. Indignities galore.

Dulcinea will not lift the helm of Mambrino. Hypnotic highway assemblages. Hungry darkness of living. Antisocial form of communication is the book. Pages suffused with immediacy deferred. Strange index of social relations. Talons of obsidian rake Ricardo's face. Facile corruptions galore. Is is not not. wild boredoms.

Whispering is theft. Murmured communion. anus-field of all textures and tissues. Rubbernecked pace. All society as precipitate of sexual relations. Quivering, obeisant. the text as perspiration of the body. Guard nothing and be increased. Desolate backdrop. Scrub bushes punctuate the burnt sierra. Anatomies landscaped. Fratricide supplants all ways of dwelling. Delusions of grandeur inextricable. Skies warped. Caverns wetted.

Excoriating protocols of composition. purple blues. Dumb animal kindness in the highest. Our augmented survival only gilds poverty.

Molten blue copper pours through my veins. The void is populated. Quilted territories smooth into peace. Ramshead pleromas.

My body is recycled through self-devourings. filth of ages petrified in the mental flesh. Sluices of putrescence carved incorporeally into Ricardo's being. Olfactory psychoses fecund. Tickling rasps polyrhythmic. Geometric axes proliferate across the field. Windy arrhythmias gush across the panes. Superabundances already enveloped herein. Tremors grip the thing.

Anachronisms abiding in chronology as the latter's structural pivots. Poetic forays diagonal to the coordinated conjunction of things.

Viral grafts of the word. Sentences coalesce minus telos. bathed in haloes is the I. lunar melodies thrummed.


Raven feathers constellated about my skull, praising all the infinite corners of the world. To letter the page without writing, absent hands (this is the future). Individualized herds mill about in absurdity. analogical style presents the ruins of the future. Abused by compulsory volition and infinite guilt (responsibility). Infinite idiocy admits prescience.

Hypertonalism as microatonalism. everything everythings (duh). Fissures are sewn into the heart of things. All stimuli antagonize me. Fragilities obliterated. Gully patois inimitable. Exo-skeletal secretions of language. Secreted secrets.

Angular enspiralments generated across a blankness.

poor literary hygiene confessed, already obvious. Fungal tissues of memory. A thaw saturates the plains. enraptured bondage scintillates. crack sizzles through stems. Tone clouds shot through with luxury and light. Surfeits of practical experience exhaust rather than illuminate theory. The private enclosure of organic bodies is; the development of social organs of sensuousness is. Tidal joys curve around. seepages of justice incoming ever - a prophesy of the flood.

Meta-abuse: more drugs, less love. convulsions beatified. patience as conquest. supreme banality as destiny.

Trenches over-thick with offal. Overwhelming docility of the author. Cheap paradialectics. Micro-mappings of urban ecology. Overmuch richness given over here. Idleness consuming is my art. Cumulative artifice. Letters inlaid with absence of self. Absence which is self.

Zonal effusions blend. Apartheid of all private property relations. Zealots betrays themselves for their cause. As all literary reception is idiotic, let mine be a glorious idiocy.

To write in these times is to mourn a deathly dispossession. Sleepless nightmares endured. Being priceless comes at great expense. Rain washes away.

Sustained exhaustion. Obligatory Hegel reference. Wonks appalling. Backsliding ever around absolutes. Rave-rap ascendant. Pure fallacy, and thus, truth, is inexistent.

Textiles ovular, acidic.

Book factories churn. Flush with inhibitions. Testament of silent waiting. Periodic recyclings. Uneven but disjointed developments.

Peacock-like array of fitness indicators. Infused with communal spirit; its hallucinations at least. Totemic overload.

Signifiers shear out the body contour ever. Micro-pivots guide leviathan. Futility omnipotent. Fragile repetitions squawked. Decenterings coagulate. Reserves of unwritable theses plague the mental flesh.

Trill dulcimers.

the dying leaves
accumulate sheaves
of putrescence

Concord of boundaries becomes atonal.
I do not recognize my best.
Diarrhea of the text just for avarice.
Drugs experience for me.
Banal lessons re-ornamented forever.
Seraphim smite mine taste into incomprehension

Viper-hearts, hear mine bile,
Drink and weep and piss and never dam the flood:
Be the poet who murmurs against God, so shall she be silenced.
sedimented calm of sleep
Tweaked effusions of letter
Betraying voracious abomination of state psychiatry apparatus.
the there without being
subsists in full presence to itself.
glory be
subtraction from self-presence.
gelato melts crazedly
Balinese temples, their mention, immediately increase scrutiny.
here is.
rage mottles all personal boundaries.
fluorescent night.
camouflaged bible camps

media inanity soothes-camouflages underlying horror.
ambient chatter closes off all focus, excuse this moment in the text here where i am right now.
herd ideology stains the clinic
mine tasteless style is confessed
diamond cuts in language
redder than zombie-animals
clearings cluttered with residues of fish-scale.
Nose-less apparitions manifest along leopard highways
jagged geomorphologies jut out from car passages (a thought: car-sickness)
thoughtless letters concentrate extremes of labor.
finalities metamorphose in their coming.
abstraction from the everyday in as the everyday is ideology
caw digitally at the satellites
nostrils taped shut.
fumbled words coalesce into eventual order
overarching framework absent from writing process
gutted time shot through with collisions of force.

Gully circus of resentment
Polar spiders weave the aurora borealis
Weird cathedrals of letter.
Confusion pregnant with prescience.
Sewage of hand pollutes the text.
Seminary rot of ghost architectures.
Relaxed optic fuzzy.
Azure jagged by red rock.
Drawing up the papers of inequity.

O! a sublime waste
worthy of sainthood.
Whatever comes to the text will be erased.

I have no everyday life experience.
I am pure abstraction from life.
Stumbling blocks may also become stairs.

spew from the maw finalities of gorgon love.
Censorship is erasure of the memory of opening-text.
Wierd syntax is excused on the condition of truth.
Metallic ebullience of being ignites.
Anxiety spurs inquietude.
Living death of authorship.

Blush of olive.
Hyssop branch anointed.
Crackest lyrics dribble acidic from winter's maw.
Incarceration diabolic envelopes the urban contour total.
Miniature condensations of world violence in the body
Mega-ultra tubuloso
the obsidian edges of my words
eviscerate thine carcass.
pointless writing as an efflux of incarceration
Fecund shit is the stain of these letters.
questions of practice are parcel of practice itself.
the halo surrounding the word is its excess unthoughts, indirections.
shameless disinhibition of writing process through pharmaceuticals.

Spider eyes coalesce around the ambient violence of being.
(Thrash out the words).
idiocy-contagion seeps through these letters
Beware the foulness of my style
Feces blossoms from mine anus.
The breaching of things into the not-one
Streams torrentially only through discourse.
Everyday objects recycle in accord with their daily regime.
I delve shallow.
Perhaps this will bait the many; their censors rather.

Holiness camouflaged clinically.
Desert wastes of autism-inducing medication.

faith in the lord is ever a forcing from the outside in.

Mine eyes bleed and mine tongue is clipped off. Mine fingers disjointed.
Anything that comes to mind is sufficient.
Cold, barren non-life awaits this faithless one.
Artless stupidity becomes me. Film of grime envelopes the body.
Patience in all things.
Weeping willows billow
Iridescent blades gut leviathan diagonally
Humanity frays at the edges.

Detoxing the abyss of self.
Denuded to the goads,
the thorns blossom in my flesh
I vomit honey.

The lash emancipates faith.
I wail my prayers.
I am cleansed into abomination again.

Cleansed with filth
From above and below
The python hood spreads

And the poem is not-One.
Soaring ribbons of disincarnation
Twine and arc along lines of communication.
The body is a sealing up of property even beyond the epidermis.
God as others
As species-being
As the not-I
Axioms melt
The hand is disjointed
Guard nothing but destitution
Precious excess of absence
Exoskeleton of unbeing.
I meander blindly
My words fail
as they must.
All is a mossy path past ruins of war.
All is a cluster of fungi nestled on a rotting log.
All is not-All.
Shorn coastal islands.
Dunes tufted with ragged grasses.
K-holed in sobriety
Prayer for revolution
Difficulty of maintaining grandiosity (disavowed, erased)
Forest winds pattern mine eyes. Dreams mangled.
Spiders curl threads about the clinic.
Porn is.
'The Other resembles God'
Word-face horizontals
Jut forth
And faith wells up
As species solidarity

bodily Prescencing as shearing:

As in being sheared
Wounds may come
And others clothed.

Indentations ostentatious
Other things occur.

I delve shallow:

Recycle hymn of majestic contour
Culled forth from oceanic froth
Forth to oceanic majesty.

Shmaltz surfaces omnipotent
As texture of all depths.

Colorless efflorescences. Absolute exteriority carves out the inner light of the soul. Cymbalines thrash in houses of ill repute. Knife-back ranges heave. All is singing. Over-generalization is all. Religion as early rationality.

Medieval snow tainted with bewilderment. Bound back in renewal. Sacral tidings seethe through every pore and sphincter of being. Indirections channeled explicitly. Individual body as organ of social body. Excesses of both intention and unintendeds emanate from the fringes of this testament.

Book germs are sown. Totality-thought is disincarnating. Rinsing cycles storm. Book becometh bank. Neon waterfalls. Speech heaves through the flesh.

Of the unsaid:
It radiates
From your faces.

elliptical protocols of composition:
fans out
docile sluices
of acceleration.
dun griminess lacquers the face
abiding in for itself a "manure of contradictions."

arrays of arrays of fusion splitting outwards,
already, in disequilibriated cominglings.

'When a river flows, there are little particular currents.
The central current seems to suck in the others, but this is simply because the others converge (confluent).'

lettered selections indexing the cosmic.
'The essence of truth reveals itself as freedom.'
insolvent re: coitus.
an asexual turn.
'atheism is a Christian invention.'

'dazzling and tremendous how quick the sun-rise would kill me,
if i could not now and always send sun-rise out of me.'

Whoop and bellow
Donations of being
Presencing in belonging.
Massive heaving
Of inward embers.
I carve out my innards
So to become a resounding box.

The phasing of totality dissipates truth. Non-linear conjunctions. Awkwardness juts forth. Cackling arrivant from non-dwelling distance or proximity. Nothing is expressed except expression and its fallacies. Befogged about decenterment. Blunted prescience as the primal self. Ulterior shimmerings in the way of things. Casks of processes flourishing like coral. Healing the logic-labor of things. Uncreating voids center the universe multiply. Intangibles caress me. Anxiety froths the body acidic. Ineloquence massive. Tendrils seethe up through the crevices within privacy. Absolute violation trills through the set of all worlds. Obtuse samurai rainbows. Palpable abstractions of environmental planning.. This as that. Angular fluxes. Excrescences of the to be.

Lisbon acid. Skeletor.

Abdicate before all others: only as such is immanent critique manifest. Interlocks defeated. Castrato registers of text. Mine gaze is bellowing abominables. The inessentiality of the otherwise than being, the phasing of totality. Glowing traces smothered by sunlight. Willows nocturnal. Bypasses detoured.

'Writing about writing would be poetry itself.'


[new book inaugurated:]

protocol for my eulogy.

what a beautiful title. it is so beautiful.

to compact all this into a more digestible framework: all authors ever write are protocols for their eulogies. all the lettered is a means of orienting others on our future absence.

'writing: exteriority.'

the schizophrenia of there-being
and the schizophrenia of technological world-compaction
as historic superimpositions.

words accrete like sedimentary strata.

is there too heavy a book?
do i initiate only the most forceful intellects?
small circles are oft woven at the center of larger circuits.

elliptics flux immanent.

what place is not placed in a sequence?
what need is there of the temporal for the historic?

a language of death -
the birth of language.

being desire itself, mine recycling compacts itself unto singularity.

the third before the other.
-taking oneself as a third.

normal psychoses.
publication is private.

omnilateral exposure of a subject - deposited herein for judgment.
state as premier private monopoly.

abrupt notational sentences. attempts at self-analysis.

droning weave of singularities.
pure transmission of the non-representational.

a massacred affect - confessed, as rigor compels.
generic intellection is weaponized, statal.

death cannot erase what is already absent.
i am that which i am not
and not that which i am.

is something wrong?
i worry about such things.

but i am not here. that's how i know i'm here.
you are not here. that's how i know you're here.
letters weird their own dimensions.

the big picture is still grainy.

know that i was ever obeisant to the revolutionary will of capitalism itself.

grinding liberation.


'i move rhymes like retail,
make sure shit sell...'

cosmic interpolation. (my stylee has gone to shite.)
urgent crackling of surfaces.

flushed, severe:
to eliminate the bracketing of words
through words.

(inexorable: a presence is already come to fill up the mediate absence imposed by this text, i.e. it is read. this, even through the detours of pure exteriority of text to subject in dissemination.)

my death will be an enactment of my letters.

i had a thought so manifestly true that no logic of which i am yet aware could formalize it.

blessed with disabilities. to write in a language foreign even to the self is perhaps the condition of purest transmission.

concentration on an object as distraction from others. truth as confession of failure to confess the truth.

*quotidian detail expressed as evocation of the real.*

benevolence is crap.

to write like 36 chambers.
crinkled selfish.
groomed for non-productive labor.
snooters nozzled.

heartsong in arrest by its excrescence unto death.
shame confessed in its absolute absence.

simulations of the timeless irrevocably date texts.
the eternal is sequenced only with dated materials.
to date oneself with the most abominable intensity is the task of immortals.

the virtual is the Real.
the virtual-Real is what orders this Symbolic.

sleeves of pestilence convect across the world, i.e. territorialities.

seh mi wan party hard.
raving mayhem.

i am resigned to affect things.

bloodycat gullyside youth splattered across the page.
tenement towers spilt through with psychedelia.

the commons are already omnipresent, only as filtered through a mode of privacy.

categorical slurring is cheap paradialectics.

the will is estranged, exterior.
we are haunted by ourselves.

neon-iridescent elations enforced. i do not remember what anything means.
obvious deficits in Hegelian dialectics abounding everywhere (here).

crackling outpourings recycling even now.
and now.
do you feel this?
do your pores dilate now?
do things breathe around you?

edits accrete before genesis.
the voice images bodies.
all poetry is slave to the voice.
i soundclash thusly.
i do what others want.
only that.

the limits of poetic expression and despair.

pixelated grasses hum nests of joy.
the hunger of the sequence.
a swelling of proximities.

the act of her walking along the sidewalk.
the being of things as such.
it was as such.
being as it was.
such was it.


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