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Our Lips Are Barely Touching


by Jeffery Klaehn





(Swans - November 30, 2009)  

Our lips are barely touching
It's a game
And you want to play it, and I want to play it
Because you like it, and because I like it

Our lips can touch, just touch
Our lips can touch, but they can't really touch
Our lips can touch, just barely touch

Our eyes must be closed
And no talking, no real talking
We can touch, but not touch
Only just touch, touch then move

And you're moving
Your lips, your lips are touching my lips
Just barely touching, now moving
Your fingers touching, your perfect fingers are moving

And I want to touch
Kiss, touch
Want, need to
Touch, just touch

I can barely stand it
Just thirty seconds in, already lost in your perfect being
My breathing, my breathing is accelerating
My heart, my heart is pounding

Our lips are touching
Just barely touching
I hear you breathing, feel you touching
Your lips, your lips are moving

Touching but just touching
Now moving, your perfect lips keep moving
And you're laughing, and I realize I'm leaning into you
And I'm trying to touch but just barely touch, and I want to touch

Touching without really touching
My heart, my heart is pounding and my heart is racing
Our lips, our lips are barely touching
Your perfect fingertips, your perfect fingertips keep moving and touching

And I want to touch
Kiss, touch
Want, need to
Touch, just touch

You're smiling
My eyes are closed, but I know you're smiling
You love this game, and I love this game
Your lips are pressing against mine, now they're moving

And your mouth, I love your perfect mouth
Your tongue is touching my ear, just touching and now moving
You're so close but we're just barely touching, I realize I'm shaking
You're breathing, I love the sound of your breathing

"Not yet," you're whispering
I touch your arm, my hands are literally shaking
And you're giving me a butterfly kiss, on my cheek so softly
Touching, just touching

Now your lips are pressing against my lips, I love your perfect lips
Your soft, sweet lips
Anticipating, touching and moving
I love your lips, softly touching

I'm whispering, "please . . ."
And I hear how desperate I'm sounding, and I hear you laughing
And your perfect hands, your perfect hands are moving
Our lips, our lips are barely touching

And I want to touch
Kiss, touch
Need, want to
Touch, like you touch

"Not yet . . ."
And our lips are barely touching, you're pressing into me
My heart is racing, and your perfect fingers keep touching
And I'm trembling, and your perfect lips keep moving

Please please just kiss me, is all I'm thinking
"No touching!" you're laughing, I love the sound of your laughing
And now your perfect body is quickly moving, and I'm not touching
Our lips are barely touching



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Jeffery Klaehn is a widely published author and cultural commentator. His scholarly writings have been published in national and international peer-reviewed journals and he is the editor of, and main contributor to several books. At present, he is completing his first novel. He lives in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, and maintains a personal blog at: http://jefferyklaehn.blogspot.com/.



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