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Melting Pot (Unending)
G. Ungaretti, J.L. Borges, M. Rennard


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry





Pic: "Finding One Word" - © 2007 Guido Monte - Size: 10k
Finding One Word
© 2007 Guido Monte



(Swans - May 4, 2009)  

When I find

just one word

una palabra

in my silence

(linn the fire, sunn the wind

Firmamentos, palacios, ríos, ángeles

trip to mankind

voyage des sens

tant de mots

one meaning—

Universes palaces rivers angels)

it's dug deep in my life

as an abyss

excavada en mi vida

como un abismo



The author thanks Giusy Chirco, José María de Juana (Spanish traslation).

Picture: Finding One Word, by Guido Monte (2007).


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