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Today n.2
G. Monte, G. Ungaretti


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry




What sort of time is this, when talking about the trees is almost a crime
since it means to pass over too many slaughters in silence
(B. Brecht)

Pic: "Tempo" - © 2009 Laura Collura - Size: 13k
© 2009 Laura Collura



(Swans - April 20, 2009)  

"Çdo gjë e rendomtë"
tudo è dificil
tuttu è duru
all is grave

"Çdo gjë e dhimbje"
tudo è aflição
tuttu è duluri
all is pain

"Çdo gjë e padrejtë"
tudo è injusto
tuttu è ingiustu
all is inequity

is payed
by living



Languages: Albanian, Portuguese, Sicilian, English.

The author thanks Klaudia Thekna (Albanian translation); Brecht's citation is translated by Giusy Chirco and Alaina Bryen.

Picture: Tempo, by Laura Collura (2009).


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