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Poverty - Far
Upanisad, Tacitus, Montale


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry





Pic: "indifferenza" - © 2009 Giuseppe Quattrocchi - Size: 10k
© 2009 Giuseppe Quattrocchi



(Swans - March 23, 2009)  

yatra na anyat pashyati
where we cannot see each other

e altri sopportano tutte le miserie
and others bear all calamities

mundus sempiternus hominum
egestate cibi peremptus
an endless universe of men,
dead of poverty

ma se uno muore non importa a nessuno
purché sia sconosciuto e lontano

but if someone dies, it doesn't matter to anybody,
provided that he's far and unknown.



The author thanks Giusy Chirco.

Drawing: indifferenza, by Giuseppe Quattrocchi (2009).


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