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War n.4 (The End)
W. Owen, Vergil, G. Ungaretti


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry





Pic: "morte-vita" - © 2006 Guido Monte - Size: 17k
© 2006 Guido Monte



(Swans - March 9, 2009)  

men marched asleep
tenebris ac carcere caeco
inside darkness and blind prison,

dead eyes dead colours...
but you gave ear to a simple cry


in one word
just a possible rescue
a simple word in the night

involontaria rivolta
unpremeditated revolt

against our desire of death

a simple word
breaks the chain of war




This experiment remembers the poem Fratelli ("Brothers") of Giuseppe Ungaretti. Ungaretti, young Italian soldier in the First World War, during a night battle heard a cry of an invisible stranger, "brothers," and understood conclusively the absurdity of every war.

Picture: morte-vita (2006), by Guido Monte.


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