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War n.3: Bones
A. Phipps, G. Monte, J.L. Borges, Ezekiel


by Guido Monte & Alison Phipps


Multilingual Poetry


(por ningún. y todos)

Pic: "Pace" - © 2008 Alison Phipps - Size: 20k
© 2008 Alison Phipps



(Swans - February 23, 2009)  

There is
no just war
say the bones
lying in the dust,

               Ossos secos
               bone dry
               dry as dust
               bonebleached blanc

but a just peace
now that would
be worth
weaving for,

               not fatigues but
               bright swathes
               of wool

dyeing in place of dying

(dying dans l'ombre
of underground dying enemies)

for the world to
dress our cold bones
to rub our numb
back to life

rosa profunda illimitada, intima

Vou infundir-vos o espirito
vou cobrir-vos de nervos

with no need
to hide its people
unter den Baeumen
Sous les roches
sous la peur
la peur
sans couleur

covered with nerves

a just peace une paix juste

deep unlimited innermost rose

could we ask the world
of the bleached bones
of the dead
"Can these bones...?
Can they...?
Can these bones

(sueños, sleep...
for my dull mind)



Photo: Pace (2008), by Alison Phipps.

Alison Phipps is Professor of Languages and Intercultural Studies at the University of Glasgow.


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