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War n.2
C. Orff, S. Quasimodo, P. Neruda, P. Eluard, W. Owen


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry


Research: Silvia Busellini (Quasimodo), Alessandra Catalisano (Neruda),
Novella Nicchitta (Eluard), Luca Piazza (Owen)


Tired of wars, tired of wars, tired of violence in the name of whatever myths...
—Gilles d'Aymery

Pic: "guerra" - © 2008 Pippo Zimmardi - Size: 18k
© 2008 Giuseppe "Pippo" Zimmardi



(Swans - February 9, 2009)  

aspicit nos
eye of darkness see us

T'ho visto: eri tu, and I saw just you,
con la tua scienza esatta persuasa allo sterminio,
senza amore, with your science only for slaughter, no love

creuse la terre sous ton ombre
dolor congoja terror noche silencio
All went lame; all blind
pain angst terror night silence

Vae, vae,
vae, vae,
Portae Inferi!
Doors of Hell!



Collage: guerra (2008), by Pippo Zimmardi.

Silvia Busellini, Alessandra Catalisano, Novella Nicchitta, and Luca Piazza are Monte's students at the Liceo ginnasio "G. Meli" (Palermo), and help him to search for archetipal verses on the "only Book" ever written.

Giuseppe Zimmardi teaches philosophy, and is a well-known Italian writer and author of creative collages and videos. Pippo is Giuseppe's nickname.


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