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War n.1: Walking On Thin Ice
A. Ginsberg, A. Neher, Upanishad, Deuteronomy


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry


"...to understand and put into practice what happens when we move into these cracks... to live out the thin places in the weave of this gossamer of relatedness where physical fluency is decreated though the undoings of others' languages and the bright spinning coins of perception."
—Alison Phipps

Pic: "nubila" - © 2008 Giovanni Russo - Size: 15k
© 2008 Giovanni Russo



(Swans - January 26, 2009)  

«il n'existe pas de guerre juste»

...monstrous bombs! They broke their backs
lifting Moloch to Heaven!

Koulé hay ve-éfshar,
tout ce bouleversement pour un Peut-être
All this upheaval caused by one "perhaps"...

Duurgam patthastat kavayo vadanti
et erit vita tua quasi pendens ante te
they told a very difficult way like walking on thin ice
and your life hanging by a thread beside yourself

«il n'existe pas de guerre juste»



Picture: nubila (2008), by Giovanni Russo.


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