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Nature And Man


by R. Scott Porter





(Swans - September 8, 2008)  

The wind howls.
The rain pours down.
The ocean tempest rages on.
The Earth cracks open
spewing fire and rock
from deep within.
Worlds collide
and explode into space,
while only God knows why,
and we bear witness
for only as long
as we manage not to die.

Then the clouds break.
The wind dies down
and the warm Sun shines.
Peace and quiet
make us believe, somehow,
we will be all right.
We find time to think
and make our plans
for a bright future.
While a new storm forms
on the horizon
of unpredictable nature.

Positives and negatives
spin around each other
in a cosmic dance.
Our poor souls,
housed in frail bodies,
might survive by pure chance.
Or in the grand scheme,
sent from the great beyond,
our purpose is clear.
To weather the storm.
To soak in the Sun.
To conquer fear.


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R. Scott Porter is a General Contractor who lives in Laguna Beach, California, and whose skills and expertise have been featured in This Old House magazine in March 2008. To learn more about Porter's bread and butter, please visit GandSbuilders.com



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