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Journey To The Sleep Doors n. 4: Foglie


by Guido Monte & Francesca Saieva


Multilingual Poetry


...l'espérance est dans le risque et dans le silence.
André Neher, L'exil de la parole  

Pic: "Memory of past lives" - © 2007 Dario Fiorentino - Size: 8k
Memory of past lives
© 2007 Dario Fiorentino



(Swans - February 11, 2008)  

along empty palaces of death
we're going alone thinking: all is unhelpful,
all is deleted by darkness—

winter birds hunting for better lands
are flying, mist shrouded at dawn
with the old elm leaves



Thirsty souls migrate to the Lethe river, "under the knife of an acute and terrible heat" (Plato) you, immortal mortals, draw water from the Amel river, forgetful of your past lives (Proclos), your trial is to decide between "the Oblivion waters or the Memory waters of death" (R. Sorel). Primeval new Orfic oblivion overcoming every mystification: Who, what is the lead I can follow in the darkness? "Lamina," lead-gifts, for going to the "sacred prairies," not prisons under the Hades' power.


The authors thank Virginia Ann Huth.

Photo: Dario Fiorentino, Memory of past lives, 2007


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Guido Monte on Swans (with bio). Francesca Saieva teaches philosophy and pedagogy, and is an adjunct professor at the University of Palermo. Read her bio on the page she shares with Guido Monte.



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