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(April 9, 2007)


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Why are the Bush Girls Not Deployed in Iraq? Gilles d'Aymery's There Are No Right Wars

Dear Gilles,

I've been meaning to give you another contribution for your remarkable newsletter for some time now, so here it is.

Thank you for your excellent writing.

You didn't mention Matthew Dowd, Bush's former aide in your latest article but the truth is -- when your loved ones are at risk, you look at a situation differently. Why aren't those Bush girls suited up and standing guard in the Western province of Anbar, a wellspring and refuge of the Sunni Arab insurgency like Lance Corporal Chris Baughman of the US Marine Corps or Dowd's son?

Keep up the good work and thanks!

Very Sincerely,

Donna J. Warren
Los Angeles, California, USA - April 3, 2007

[ed. Ms. Warren was the 2006 Green candidate for Lieutenant Governor (with Peter Camejo) in California. She is currently active in the campaign to amend California's Three Srikes Law. California is the only state in the nation where one can get a life sentence for petty theft!]
Gilles d'Aymery responds:

Dear Donna: First and above all, thank you very much for your generosity, your loyalty, and your kind words for our modest work. Jan and I deeply appreciated them.

I did not mention Matthew Dowd because at the time of my writing and date of publication Mr. Dowd had not yet publicly come out against his former boss, Mr. Bush. Indubitably, to have a loved one deployed in Iraq brings a new perspective to this tragic folly; but it should be noted that both Jan Baughman and I were against this war long before Chris enlisted with the Marines last year. We were against this war long before it even started; as we were opposed to the war in Afghanistan, or the Yugoslav wars, or even the 1991 Gulf War. All of these wars, and so many others before, were neither necessary nor unavoidable -- they were wars of choice by the Great Powers. In 1991, the Iraqi government was more than willing to get out of Kuwait after they had quickly figured out the name of the game. In 1989-1991, had the European Union invited, and negotiated the entry of, the Yugoslav Federation into the E.U. instead of siding with the secessionist movements and then, once the conflict had broken out in the open, pouring more fuel on the raging fire, that conflict could have been deflected. No need to mention our two latest wars of choice, the same way that the possible strike again Iran will be another chosen aggression against a country that has never attacked us.

The beauty of the current military system is that the Bush girls have the choice not to serve. It's a volunteer army. That's why Rep. Conyers has been calling for reinstating the draft without possible deferments. If the Bush girls and the sons and daughters of those decision-makers and war enablers (on both sides of the aisle) were in Iraq, this war would long have been ended, and possibly not even started. Then again, cui bono?

There are no right wars.

In solidarity.


Castigat Ridendo Mores: Charles Marowitz's Schizoid Comedy & Stephen Colbert

To the Editor:

I must draw your attention to the following error: Stephen Colbert appears on Comedy Central not MSNBC. To equate the audience members with attendees of Nuremberg rallies is somewhat disingenuous considering your later comments. We are not all jackasses. Only the really loud ones are. One of the things I have noticed about Colbert's "Victory Lap" after he introduces his guest, is that he immunizes the guest from catcalling, if unpopular, such as Dinesh D'Souza. If you are thinking I am wrong, the only guest on his show to be booed was Bill O'Reilly.

As for the White House Correspondents Dinner. Embarrassing? To whom, other than the president? Since when has ridiculing a sitting president become off limits? When Bush 43 was elected? Please. Dr. Colbert, DFA is a satirist much in the vein of Mark Russell, The Capitol Steps and the Great Irish Bards, who understood the way to pull the teeth of an unwise King was to ridicule.

Castigat Ridendo Mores [ed. "It (or he or she) corrects customs (or manners) by laughing at them"]

Kelly Lincoln
New York, New York, USA - March 26, 2007


War is a Malady & the Folly of Fools: Gilles d'Aymery's Heck Of A Job, Uncle Sam

To the Editor:

Indeed, Gilles d'Aymery has carefully put together a bitter pill of #43-styled "democracy" in Iraq; many thanks from Australia.

To contemplate basically the almost complete destruction of Iraq, the cradle of our civilisation that has been ravished by present day vandals in spite of historic lessons over centuries. Apparently, the 1991 invasion was a trial run.

America is governed by a play on words espoused by a court of knaves and ruled by a clown. War is a malady & the folly of fools.


John Cameron
Sydney, NSW, Australia - March 28, 2007


The Consequences of Depleted Uranium: Gilles d'Aymery's Heck Of A Job, Uncle Sam

To the Editor:

I am an American veteran of the Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom. I served in Iraq from 8th January 2004 to 18th February 2005. While in Iraq, I served as an 88mike, truck driver. My company drove over 1 million miles during our deployment. I experienced several attacks from IEDs, mortar attacks, and even being shot at.

While deployed in Iraq, I began to experience several severe health problems. I would eat one bite of food from the DFAC, and then be running to the bathroom. At one point, my arms began to constantly go numb. Whether I was sleeping or driving, my arms would constantly go numb for about two weeks. I now continue to have extreme stomach and back pain. I am constantly in and out of the VA hospital. The hospital has tested me for several different things; yet, they tell me it is "unexplained" and "undiagnosed" or that I may have "IBS" and "PTSD."

Although, I strongly believe I may have Depleted Uranium in my system. I have strongly urged the hospital to test me for DU. Although, I have yet to have this test. I am waiting for them to test me for this. I want to expose this and I want to find a cure for my illnesses. Please help and/or advise.

Alishia Mason
Tampa, Florida USA - March 29, 2007

[ed. Thank you for your letter. I do not have a direct answer for your call for help. I would recommend that you do a search on Google on "Depleted Uranium." Wikipedia has a lot of information too. You may want to look through it. Finally, try to contact your local VA or Veterans Against War chapters where you live; they may be able to help you.

Thank you for your sacrifice for a war that was not worth fighting.

There are no right wars.]

Ms. Mason's follow-up: "Thank you, and I do agree. The VA is playing with me, and after asking for this testing... I am still waiting! I do appreciate you writing back."


Weapons of Mass Destruction not Found Because of the US "Open Society"

Dear Editor:

If the U.S. would not tell publicly to a foreign nation what our plans were for attack, then there would have been found weapons of mass destruction.

The US Senate voted to attack Iraq. So the Senate is the problem, not President Bush.

Americans wake up and learn law.


Ed Wright
Clover, South Carolina, USA - March 29, 2007


"There is a lot of bullshit in Lawrence and Miller -- but their enemies are my enemies." --Kenneth Rexroth

To the Editor:

Two of Rexroth's greatest essays are about two of his greatest contemporaries:

"Poetry, Regeneration, and D.H. Lawrence"

"The Reality of Henry Miller"

A few years later Rexroth nuanced his appreciation of both writers with some more critical second thoughts:

"D.H. Lawrence: The Other Face of the Coin"

"Henry Miller: The Iconoclast as Everyman's Friend"

Ken Knabb
"Making petrified conditions dance by singing them their own tune."
Berkeley, California, USA - April 2, 2007


"The Rockefeller Boys"

Dear Editor:

Rockefeller's global reach -- from the University of Chicago to the Holy Land.

John D. Rockefeller knew a thing or two about power. His Standard Oil of New Jersey became a blueprint for corporate centralization. He pioneered new methods of stock rigging and financial mischief. He destroyed competition wherever he could and set new standards for industrial sabotage and union busting. He manipulated the tastes of "rational consumers" and made "policymakers" dance to his tune. He used violence to expropriate from indigenous Americans their resource-rich lands, and religion to pacify their resistance. He harnessed the US military to impose American "free trade" on the rest of the world. Raw power made Rockefeller and his family enormously rich. And yet, to the end of his life, John D. insisted that his best investment ever was the $45 million he donated to rebuild the Baptist University of Chicago. Rockefeller saw Chicago as a religious asset. The philanthropy helped silence his critics in this world and pave his way to heaven in the next. It bought him the loyalty of spiritual shepherds and academic retainers, all eager to sing the praise of Standard Oil and glorify its devout owner. But in the long run the biggest yield came from the university's department of economics.

(From Bichler, Shimshon, and Nitzan, Jonathan, "The Rockefeller Boys." Science & Society 71 (April 2, 2007): 243-250.)

Full text: http://bnarchives.yorku.ca/228/


Jonathan Nitzan
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - April 4, 2007


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Published April 9, 2007
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