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World Tragedy 2007


by Guido Monte & Francesca Saieva


Research: C. Riba (by Chiara Cappello), A. Rimbaud (by Gianvito Mistretta),
A. Griphius, Vergil, G. Leopardi



Pic: "Oméga" - © 2007 Giuseppe Zimmardi - Size: 14k
© 2007 Giuseppe Zimmardi



(Swans - December 17, 2007)  

Quisque suos patimur Manes
No, la final lassitud d'aquell que travessa un gran somni
i de sobte ha arribat
als Nichtigkeit, als Schatten,
Staub und Wind
— e un passeggere:
"Quella vita ch'è una cosa bella, non è la vita
che si conosce, ma quella che non si conosce;
non la vita passata, ma la futura"

j'ai rêvé la nuit verte aux neiges éblouies



[we pay and suffer for our own past—
no, the last weariness on a great dream
just in the ending home stretch, just nothing, shade
dust, wind—and a man of passage:
"That wonderful isn't the life you know,
but the life you don't know;
not in the past, but yet to come"
I've dreamt the green night with dazzled snows]



"Not desperate hope" in the "original paradise of being helped" (H. Gollwitzer), you, new man eagle not victimized by abyss, have not to forget "your sweet starting treasure...of being in" (H. Erikson), during primeval times; and you've "to call the wind," that takes away the dust, "so its deep hiss...will have no power" (Th. W. Adorno).



Collage: Giuseppe Zimmardi, Oméga (2007)

Chiara Cappello and Gianvito Mistretta are Monte's students at the Liceo ginnasio "G. Meli" (Palermo), and help him to search for archetipal verses on the "only Book" ever written.

Giuseppe Zimmardi teaches philosophy, and is a well-known Italian writer and author of creative collages and videos.

The authors thank Gilles d'Aymery for his translation of Rimbaud's verse.


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Guido Monte on Swans (with bio). Francesca Saieva teaches philosophy and pedagogy, and is an adjunct professor at the University of Palermo. Read her bio on the page she shares with Guido Monte.



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