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Pont Suspendu (Suspension Bridge)
Viviana Fiorentino, Marie Rennard, André Neher, Emily Dickinson


by Guido Monte and Francesca Saieva




cada cosa / es infinitas cosas
[everything / is infinite things]
—J.L. Borges

Pic: "Uomo-casa" (home-Man) - © 2001 Giuseppe Quattrocchi - Size: 24k
Uomo-casa (home-Man)
© 2001 Giuseppe Quattrocchi



(Swans - May 21, 2007)  

Nessuno era mai tornato
dimenticate le vite
la strada nessuna percorsa

Sed scrutor
suspensam viam
- qui se soucie des ponts ? -
et le Dieu des ponts suspendus

If end I gained
it ends beyond



[Nobody ever returned
forgotten lives
no road run along //
But the same I'm searching
for a suspension way
- who cares about bridges? -
and for the God of suspension bridges //
If end I gained
it ends beyond]



...silence: streben, stillness-energy (A. Neher). In the nothingness, the being hangs by a thread: the right hand and the left hand inside only one sound. Absurdely to say: thou, God? Perhaps God is hidden too, so nobody is looking for him either (A. Neher).



The authors thank Maria Chiappara, Matteo Tuveri, and Paul Bones.
Drawing: Uomo-casa (home-Man), 2001, by Giuseppe Quattrocchi.


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