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Ulysses: Kuenda beyond n.2
Genesis, Dante A., Guido Guinizzelli, Marie Rennard


by Guido Monte and Francesca Saieva




"Searching in vain a throbbing heart,
that lies already sla'in my hands.
A ship cracks the obscure
and firm waters of the lake"

—Matteo Tuveri



(Swans - March 26, 2007)  

Ils naviguaient à main tendue

                war'a hawat toh waboh

'...infin che 'l mar fu sopra noi richiuso'

tempo rivène che merta ogni scoglio

       (misan ainaihum,     ormai non vedono più)

                               'navigamus hinc alia aqua'



[They were sailing blind—
and the land was left barren
'...till the sea closed upon us'

time is flowing back, obstacles worthy
(and now they can't see anymore)
we're going beyond'



the experience of the invisible object, human being's presence beside himself, flowing thought cauthing the image "paved for the further," on the "borders receding while I'm going forward" in a time without time. The primal act of seeing realizes its "bath in the youth" (La recherche...), luging at void after void, beyond the settlements, showing the ambiguous value of human limits.

"I shut my eyes - and groped as well /'Twas lighter - to be Blind" (E. Dickinson)



Note: the authors thank Matteo Tuveri and Nyambura Kiarie.


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Guido Monte on Swans (with bio).
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