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(December 5, 2005)


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The impeachment of Dubya
To the Editor:

Until recently, I opposed what I considered premature efforts of impeachment when I thought they would, even if successful, only remove the Dubya puppet, leaving the neocon puppeteers in power. But lately, I've realized that a failed impeachment (in the face of growing public anti-Bush sentiment) might be best for the country. It would intensify public outrage at the White House and further cripple the GOP, making it even more likely they'll be voted out of the Congressional majority next year and that no one with neocon links will be a credible candidate for president in 2008.

Dr. Rees Chapman
Dahlonega, Georgia, USA - November 21, 2005


Loving Shakespeare
To the Editor:

I just read Charles Marowitz's article about "Richard." I have not as of yet to see it at the Old Vic theater in London, starring Kevin Spacey, but I have read many articles about him playing the part and is awesome in doing so. I am a Kevin Spacey fan, a big fan and soon I hope to get to London from the USA as soon as I can, to see this play. The reviews have been phenomenal as is Kevin Spacey. Let's give credit where credit is due and I feel very strongly that Kevin Spacey playing this part has to be A MUST SEE!!

Thank You

Annette Bowden
Livonia, Michigan, USA - November 21, 2005


Quotes and nuns and the Tenured Left...oh my!
Hi little Pumpkin Poo -

This is Sister Constance Craving, the mad nun you quoted at the start of one of your looooooooong articles - my word, darling, how you can rant! Brava, my dear! I often wonder myself how I end up on that little wooden crate with the picture of a popular detergent on the side.

Anyway, just to refresh your memory of your prolific writing...today, while looking for something quite different...I stumbled across my name affiliated with your site at this link:

Honey, I am a simple, indulgent nun with an attention span that lasts for the span of a cereal box panel or the length of time it takes to read a celebrity paparazzi article while sitting down to the joy of taking a healthy dump. And I certainly am suffering from a brain addled by vodka...enough said there. What ever happened to quaaludes?...things were so much more clearer back then!! So, not sure if you just put the quote down there because you liked it...or if, in any way, you are trying to draw a correlation to the topic at hand...

However you intended to use my words - I am deeply honored that you thought enough of my inanity to copy the banal ramblings down. Thank you my dear.

Fondly thinking about all your naughty bits...

Yours in crust

Sister Constance Craving
San Francisco, California, USA - November 28, 2005


Long time no see
Hey, Monsieur d'Aymery,

Ha, nostalgia is not was it used to be. I hear that once upon a time (which time, I have yet to figure) people used to stick to each other. A word was a word; you'd bet your ass on it.

My ass is fine, thank you; but yours has been trampled so hard in the past few months that I'm sure you've been groaning mightingly. To be screwed by the like of John Steppling and, worse, Phil Rockstroh, should have made you beg for a sex toy.

I've been busy with my own ass for quite some time too. Hence my long silence...sorry. Sex is becoming a bore. I've had so much of it I put a couple of pounds on to get more surface to appreciate...and enjoy the experience. All the same. They can't be creative. It's too repetitive. America's taking the world over. Puritans fuck with M16, white phosphorous, and American Express. The French follow suit.

How does it feel to have been severely screwed by John-John? Did you have to pay him? Will sweet Anna learn from the swindle? She won't, I can assure you. Like me, she's a prize to be abused. Youth has its privileges and then there is MasterCard. Where's Baudelaire when we need him?

I was in New York the other day. Checked the phone book. Called Rockstroh. Maybe I had the wrong number, but the equestrian who answered the phone was a pussy cat, or, edging his bets, an equipoise. He answered in typical American fashion, with a southern growl, "good, come over. I've plenty left to share." Pity Angie, I'd say. She's better off taking care of her canine designer line.

I'd further say, you've lost your sense of humor of late. Your Blips are a bore. Lighten up. Don't let those idiots take over your insanity. Insane and inane folks are needed more than ever. I admit that the times are not humorous. Did you follow the French riots? At least we did not have private mercenaries in the streets shooting at anything that moved. How many New Orleans residents are still missing? Over 6,000 according to the news. But it's out of the news, right? Who cares when you can kill Raquis at will...

Glad to see Popeye was replaced by Momeye in the Vatican. Swear to Jeessssuze, there won't be gay priests any longer...but for those who're closeted... Great improvement, to say the least.

Richard, Richard, you are so missed...no one will ever get it.

No one gets it.

I'm all wide open to the occasion. My legs remain purfect.

Allez, bon vent. Give 'em hell.

Alouette Arouet
Paris, France - December 1, 2005


Independence for Scotland
Dear Sir/Madam,

With reference to your article in Swans dated 7th November, "The case for Scottish Independence," Joe Davison argues that the case for independence should be specifically built on anti-imperialism. He also mentions Independence First but wrongly ties it in with the political left specifically.

The whole point of Independence First is to try and harness all supporters of independence, whether on the left or right or centre. To gain independence we need a majority of mainstream opinion to support it and then deliver this support through a democratic referendum. The problem with adopting any one particular political analysis is that it won't be agreed with by everybody.

That's why Independence First is purely about support for a democratic referendum on independence and nothing else. If anyone supports independence unequivocally then they will support that basic demand.

Because of the simplicity of this demand IF has received support from across all three mainstream Scottish parties; it has also received support from various political groups like the SRSM and Celtic League and the newer independence parties, Free Scotland Party and Scottish Independence Party.

It therefore has the potential to gain mass support for the independence cause. Since we require a majority of the population to support independence, we believe this is the best strategy to achieve it.

Yours faithfully,

Joe Middleton
Press Officer, Independence First
Edinburgh, Scotland - November 21, 2005

Joe Davison responds:

Joe Middleton is correct in stating that Independence First is a campaign designed to draw support from across the Scottish political spectrum for a referendum on the issue of Scottish independence. He describes it as an initiative that's supported by all who support independence unequivocally. What he doesn't reveal, however, is just what he means by "unequivocally."

I am one of a significant and growing number of Scots whose political awareness precludes them from supporting independence unequivocally. Many involved in Independence First are of a mind to retain the Queen as head of state; some support Scotland's membership of NATO; and still others envisage an independent Scotland as a haven for global corporations along the lines of the Irish Republic.

Devolution for Scotland and Wales, and the Good Friday Agreement in the occupied six counties of Ireland, were not and never will be the first steps on the way to independence or a united Ireland, but rather remain a cynical measure by the Brit ruling class -- comprising by the way English, Irish, Scots and Welsh members -- to nullify the efforts of any genuine and meaningful movement desiring true independence and the break-up of the British State.

Any independence that retains a British monarch as head of state is not independence, but rather enhanced devolution, producing no qualitative change in the composition of the British State. Scotland would inevitably retain economic, political and military ties to England under such an arrangement, an arrangement that I for one could not and would not support.

The minimum demand for any campaign for Scottish independence must be a Republic. Anything else is a chimera.

Joe Davison


Joe Davison's Remembering James Connolly (May 2005)
To the Editor:

I just wanted to say that this is the most thorough accounting of James Connolly's life that I have ever found so I thank you. During my childhood, there were very short articles about James Connolly in the encyclopedias but they were later phased out.

I am a Connolly descendent from James Connolly. My father was born in 1916 (William T Connolly) and James was his uncle. My dad's father, Joe Connolly, had left Ireland and settled in Massachusetts shortly before James was executed, I believe.

A few years before Joe Connolly died he was able to return to Ireland to see the statue of James Connolly and the residents in County Cork recognized him as a hero's relative and said there was a physical likeness noted. He took great pride in that trip.

Just thought I would take the time to thank you. This article will mean a lot to my family.

My older brother is William E. Connolly, who is a professor of political theory at Johns Hopkins University. Guess the political activism was inherited, hahah.


Judith Beal, formerly Judith Lynn Connolly
Davison, Michigan, USA - November 29, 2005


The usual no-good US policy

An issue has come up which I think Swans readers ought to know about.

Basically the US government is trying to extradite the chairman of the Worker's Party of Ireland from Northern Ireland (which he was visiting) as part of a claim that the North Koreans were about to counterfeit "supernotes."

The story comes complete with an alleged meeting with a Chinese businessman in Peking, an American informer of dubious background and a BBC documentary shown in Northern Ireland.

This is being treated as a very serious claim by the US government.

Details can be found on the WP of I site.

Richard Roper
Sheffield, England, UK - November 25, 2005


Polls all over the disappearing place
Dear Gilles:

When you wrote about polls I just had to stop and introduce you to a redneck county newspaper and their poll survey. When the page opens go down the left side for Friday and see that poll.

Additionally, be sure to open this link about Tuesday. Monday, November 21, the Richland County Memorial Hospital is holding a dedication ceremony at 2:00 PM in "Honor" of my wife who was a nurse in General George S. Patton's Third Army Field Hospital in France, Germany and Austria. This is probably the only county in the State that has or is dedicating a site to a WWII nurse. Anyway you will probably see me in the news too.

TV from Terre Haute, Evansville, and Vincennes, Indiana, will likely be present. So from Carbondale, Illinois, PBS WISU. But open the Friday paper early to see that poll.

The link is olneydailymail.com. [ed. The survey is no longer on the site.]


Willard D. Gray
Sumner, Illinois, USA - November 21, 2005


Different minds, different talks
To the Editor:

A few months ago (within the last year at least) you had a quote posted on your home page:

The gist of it was as follows:

Small minds talk about people
medium minds about events
great minds --- ideas

Is it possible to send me the actual quote with the source?

Thank you so much (in advance) for your help.

Joe Delia
December 3, 2005

Gilles d'Aymery responds:

The citation is still posted on the site. It's one of some 80 random quotes that load automatically when you visit Swans. It reads:

"People with great minds talk about ideas.
"People with average minds talk about events.
"People with small minds talk about other people."

As to the source, I honestly do not know. I did not make it up myself. I seem to recall I found it some 20 years ago while I was living in Manhattan. I'm pretty sure that there was no attribution because, had there had been one, I would have noted it in my notebook. Sorry. In any case, it does ring true (even if a little simplistic), does it not?


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Published December 5, 2005
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