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Stalin's Dream State


by Gerard Donnelly Smith






A wet dream of a million watchers,
prying into the personal: first
the corporate personnel, next
the state employees, finally
a national identity card. Then
with no ability to purge their files
(all the redundant disks and deep
encoding impossible to erase)
those who need to be purged
will find the illegal data, stumble
upon the prurient images, receive
the insurgent, radical words.

A wet dream of a million watchers,
numbed into true belief. Only
the press to press, to shake hands
and pass the cash for the planted story,
so that the blame will shift, so objectivity
becomes reason enough to make
methods and policies most obscure,
so that transparency becomes
the cause for unnecessary death
and suffering in the public eye,
so that the media is the message,
and the message is mine.

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