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The ANWR Sing-Along


by Gerard Donnelly Smith






Song of the Pioneer


Oil for my mama and oil for my papa,
grease for the wagon wheels
to carry us home.
Oil for the lantern and oil for the plow,
more grease for the gun barrel
to safeguard our home.

From savages and animals
out here on the prairie,
From indians and outlaws
who won't leave us alone.


Song of the Ranger


Oil for my congress and oil for my president,
grease for the open palm
that carries us home.
Oil for the market and oil for big profit,
more grease for the gun turrets
to safeguard our home.

From dictators and communists
out here on the prairie,
From democrats and tree-huggers
who won't leave us alone.


Song of the Consumer


Oil for myself and more oil for myself,
grease for my Hummer's wheels
to carry me home.
Oil from Alaska or oil from Iraq
more grease for the economy
to safeguard my home.

From price hikes and taxes
out here on the prairie,
From Osama and terrorists
who won't leave me alone.


All Together Now


Who cares about global warming,
who cares about the icecaps,
who cares about the islanders,
who get swept out to sea?

Who cares about the caribou,
who cares about the science?
Wish they'd all go to hell,
there'd be more oil for me!

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