The Precision With Which Love Invents

by Robert Rosenberg

August 16, 2004   



The precision with which love invents

is as clear as the ticking of an atomic clock.

Don't get this wrong. This is not about time.

This is about how much—how deep, how wide, how much—

and no ruler or meter is involved.

Still, there is a precision to love's inventions.

Curves and curls that only the lover can see,

fragrances and feelings only the beloved can feel.


The silence in which love swims

is as clear as a Caribbean lagoon.

Don't get this wrong, this is not about place.

This is about how much—how deep, how wide, how much—

with no measuring device yet invented to know the value of love.

Still, there is a technology for love; a word, a whisper,

and along the silk trail of skin against skin, a sudden sweet shudder

like a rain squall at dusk sending ships into the safety of small silent harbors.


Don't get this wrong. This is not only about love.

This is about how much—how deep, how wide, how much—

a person can go, can engulf, can take. And there are no rules:

no maps or charts, no shepherd's paths hidden to all but the wise.

This is about all that seems to last forever even though it's only a moment,

what seems far beyond the horizon, even thought it's within reach.

This is about time and space, and how, under certain circumstances,

they are one and the same, the mixed metaphors that manage romance, and even love.

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Published August 16, 2004
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