2004: Perspectives And Opportunities

by Louis Proyect


December 13, 2004   


(Swans - December 13, 2004)   2004 was the year in which the lines between the hard and soft left were drawn around the Kerry and Nader campaigns. While it would have been far better if both camps were united around the Nader campaign, the hard left was exemplary in sticking to its principles. History will record that Swans, Press Action and Counterpunch played an important role in giving voice to the Nader campaign. The people who read and identify with the perspectives of these online publications will become a key element in a renewed radical movement in the USA. Some sections of the organized left also rallied around the Nader campaign. The International Socialist Organization stood out in this regard. One might hope that in the future they will take further initiatives in working in alliances with other leftists.

2004 was also marked by growing resistance to neoliberalism around the world. In Latin America, there has been a significant breach with the IMF and World Bank agendas to one extent or another. Even if other governments have not attained the kind of vanguard social and political character of Chávez's in Venezuela, they certainly represent openings for the left. Whatever the shortcomings of Lula in Brazil or Kirchner in Argentina, it is easier to push the mass movement forward under such relatively populist regimes. In the countries of the former Soviet bloc, there are signs of growing disenchantment with the capitalist status quo. Ordinary working people see figures such as Putin and the Ukraine's Viktor Yanukovich as being more representative of their interests than the figures preferred by Wall Street and Washington. One would hope that eventually their own class demands will rise to the surface and that even more radical and democratic governments will come to power. In any case, the decade or so of surrendering to the demands of big capital seem to be coming to an end.

In all of these arenas, the role of the Internet in helping to connect leftists across the planet continues to grow. Just as the Gutenberg press served the social and political transformation of the early phases of the bourgeois revolution, so does the Internet serve working class and popular sectors today. With the price of a computer dropping to $350 in the United States and the cost of an Internet connection to $10 per month, it becomes more and more possible for the "sans-culottes" to operate on the same playing field as the rulers of society. The rapid growth of moveon.org, despite its tepid electoralism, indicates how easy it is for a grass-roots movement to come alive through networked computers. Down the road it is conceivable that far more militant formations will utilize the same kinds of fund-raising and organizing tools.

Finally, it is necessary to once again recognize the seriousness of the environmental crisis facing humanity. News reports about intensified global warming continue to increase. When Florida was struck by 4 hurricanes this year, it dramatized the consequences of altered climate patterns. Someday such storms might cost thousands of lives in the industrialized nations, just as they have already in underdeveloped and newly recolonized Haiti. If the left cannot integrate a Green perspective into its overall message, it might be proven irrelevant. Environmentalism is no longer the province of a pampered middle-class. It is necessary for the survival of humanity.

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Published December 13, 2004
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