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  1. Introduction   Read
    By Gilles d'Aymery
    Swans' publisher and co-editor - see bio

    Imperialism Through the Ages

  2. United States "Liberation:" From the Philippines to Iraq   Read
    By Edward S. Herman
    Professor Emeritus of Finance, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania - see bio

  3. Iraq: A Gnat On The Elephant Of History   Read
    By Milo Clark
    Writer and researcher - see bio

  4. Follow The Leader   Read
    By Michael Parenti
    Author and lecturer - see bio

    Marketing the War

  5. Proving A Negative   Read
    By Jan Baughman
    Scientist and Swans co-editor - see bio

  6. Propaganda Iraq   Read
    By Gerard Donnelly Smith
    Professor in creative writing, literature and composition, Clark College, Vancouver, WA - see bio

    The Human Price of "Democracy"

  7. Depleted Uranium: The Pentagon Betrayal Of GIs And Iraqis   Read
    By Sara Flounders and John Catalinotto
    Activists and authors, International Action Center - see bios

  8. Civilian Deaths: The Achilles Heel Of The Coalition Occupation?   Read
    By John Sloboda
    Professor of Psychology, Keele University, UK, and co-founder of Iraq Body Count - see bio

  9. Invasion And Occupation Through Iraqi Eyes   Read
    By George Capaccio
    Teacher and writer - see bio

  10. Children Of Iraq   Read
    By Michael W. Stowell
    Activist and writer - see bio

  11. Assault On Iraqi Women   Read
    By Gregory Elich
    consultant in technology and independent researcher - see bio

  12. Tariq Ali On The Recolonisation Of Iraq   Read
    By Tanweer Akram
    International economist and writer - see bio

    Conquer, Divide, and Profit

  13. "Freeing" Iraq's Economy - For Its Occupiers   Read
    By Rania Masri
    Director, Southern Peace Research and Education Center, at the Institute for Southern Studies (Durham, NC) - see bio

  14. Saddam's Odious Debt   Read
    By Justin Alexander
    Founder, Jubilee Iraq - see bio

  15. The Kurdish Pawn   Read
    By Louis Proyect
    Computer programmer, Columbia University and moderator of marxmail.org - see bio

    American Fallout

  16. The Bush Doctrine: Trouble At Home And Abroad   Read
    By Naseer Aruri
    Chancellor Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth - see bio

  17. How Will The Iraq War Affect Americans?   Read
    By Manuel García, Jr.
    Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory - see bio

    The Future: Resistance and Cooperation

  18. Methods For Saving The World's Children   Read
    By Thomas J. Nagy, Coilín Oscar ÓhAiseadha, and Mike FitzGibbon
    Respectively, Associate Professor, George Washington University; medical doctor; research fellow, Centre for Sustainable Livelihoods - see bios

  19. After The Invasion   Read
    By Anthony Arnove
    Activist, author and editor - see bio

  20. Pre-Emptive Strike Policy And The United Nations   Read
    By Denis J. Halliday
    Former United Nations Assistant Secretary-General - see bio

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Published February 2, 2004