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June 28, 1996

(Free Speech)

It is That Simple

by Swans

Our friend Milo sent some material he felt could be used as sidebars for his own Web page or, possibly, for commentaries.

Swans is happy to oblige.

Samuel Gompers, a founder of the American Federation 
of Labor, in Chicago on 28 August 1893 asked:

"What does labor want?"

    It wants the earth
    and the fullness thereof.
    There is nothing too beautiful,
      too lofty,
         too enobling
    unless it is within the scope
    and comprehension
    of labor's aspirations
    and wants.

"We want

    more schoolhouses and less jails;
      more books and less arsenals;
	more learning and less vice;
	  more constant work and less crime;
	    more leisure and less greed;
	      more justice and less revenge;

 in fact,

    more of the opportunities
    to cultivate our better natures and
        to make childhood more joyful,
	  womanhood more beautiful and
	    manhood more noble."
Here too Swans would be happy to oblige.

Have a good weekend.

Thank you for reading!


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