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May 17, 1996

(Free Speech)

A Quote to Ponder...

" The new woman, like the butterfly come forth from the chrysalis, shall be liberated from all those attributes which once made her desirable to man only as a source of the material blessings of existence. She shall be, like man, an individual, a free being, a social worker; and like man, she shall seek blessing and repose within the house, the house which has been reformed and communized. She shall wish to be loved for herself and not as a giver of comfort and repose. She shall wish a love free from every form of servile labor. The goal of human love is not the egotistical end of assuring its own satisfaction it is the sublime goal of multiplying the forces of the free spirit, making it almost divine, and, within such beauty and light, perpetuating the species."

Maria Montessori, circa 1910

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