Phil. Bamboo Conference packet
by Milo Clark

Kawayan: The First National Conference on Philippine Bamboo, 1 - 3 August

Anybody who wants a copy of my paper on "Bamboo for Sustainable Community Development" and the associated packet of materials on sustainable development, please send a SASE (Stamped Self Addressed Enveloped) with enough postage for 2 ounces which is US$0.53 for first class.

The packet contains:

1) The paper, "Bamboo for Sustainable Community Development"

2) Excerpts from Development and Planning by Ignacy Sachs (not Jeffrey Sachs, the Harvard advocate of Savage Capitalism). Ignacy Sachs is a French economist and sociologist of quite contrary, though utterly pragmatic strategies.

3) "What is Sustainable Development"--Center for Excellence in Sustainable Development.

4) "Urban Futures" a 1994 outline by Ignacy Sachs for the Istanbul UN Habitat Conference this year. He makes six points for discussion which are very inspiring and thought provoking not solely for those with an urban focus.

5. "Mi Ultimo Adios", the poem written by Philippine patriot Jose Rizal the night before his execution in 1896 and my translation thereof.

6. "The Rising Sun Neighborhood Newsletter" by Anne Herbert from The Next Whole Earth Catalog, 1980 version. An earthy kind of sustainable wisdom about creating.

Published July 23, 1996
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