Rads And Other Weird People
by Gilles d'Aymery

June 26, 1996

From the various comments I have received regarding our site, one stood apart from the pack. Here it is:

    Here's another message from nancy & rene,
We think you're sounding pretty rad!
(rene says, "Oh sure, he's radical as heck!")
This was the third message in a row and could not be left unanswered as it was infering a serious, potentially unamerican, attitude on my part. Just imagine the results of such an accusation on my FBI file. Images of my forthcoming deportation were flashing through my mind. So, in pure self-defense I shot a mail back:
    Now, if you/she think I am a rad, then you do not know
what a rad is.
There is no rad rad enough to be as rad as the rad I am,
There! Now I could feel reasonably secure in my alien residence status. The FBI would not call upon the CIA to investigate. I would just be brushed away, ignored as another weirdo out there in Cyberspace. Nothing to worry, they'd think; the pal is not about to violate the CDA or poke fun at our National Fruit Cake, the one and only Dole the Great.

Then, thinking of Nancy, I felt I could show her the way to some "real" weird stuff out there...

Hope she enjoys the following sites (usual disclaimer, bla, bla, bla):

The Church of Virus
The SpinnWebe Twisted Awards
Tres Bizarre
Politically Correct BS!
The Exploding Head Page
Church of Euthanasia Home Page
The Flummery Digest

Published June 26, 1996
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