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July 30, 1996

(Free Speech)


by Frank Wycoff

I offer you some of the question's that popped into my head as I was driving around doing those things that must be done, TODAY.

1. Why does that person in the car behind me feel the need to pass me? Only to be first one, between the two of us, to stop at a red light? That this is constantly happening to me. This stays on top of my list of questions for the person up above, when and if I meet Him (or Her, to be PC).

2. Why does a person move back to nature, only to landscape his or her property to look like that suburbia they moved away from? On our recent trek to Alaska, we saw where people had clear-cut the forest around their homes, planted nice boarded flower beds, lawns all around and six foot fences. Does this remind you of anything you would like to get away from, two or three weeks out of the year or maybe forever?

3. Why, while we're on the subject of nature, do people tiredlessly remove or poison all the weeds in their yards, rake and remove every leaf that has fallen every Saturday, year in, year out? Then each year they go off for a vacation in the woods, to admire the forest with its leaf covered ground, which crunches so pleasantly under foot and smells so good as it decomposes,......THERE! Then again they venture off to some hidden valley to admire the wild flowers, which are weeds back home, worthy only of weed whacker or S. O. S. Destructo formula 12. (I hope that's not a brand name; we, at Swans, don't advertise, you know.)

4. Why does it get to be a bit petty here so that you might want to... Never mind, I'll just stop......................................

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