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July 15, 1996

(Free Speech)

Pat Paulsen for President!

by Frank Wycoff

July 9th, 1996 N.Y. Times: "A disturbingly large number of young people say they learn about politics from late-night TV comedy". Good, I cannot think a better place to learn about politics than through a jester or a joker. What better way to view the power in Washington than as a joke. One needs to have a sense of humor while one is being told what is best for you (which in most cases has nothing to do with you, but what is for your own good). Do you find yourself every now and then, really trying to listen to what someone like Citizen Dole is saying? Very depressing, everything's wrong with America, social and economic collapse emanates, enemies all around us... Yeah, right, the youth of America are tuned into that, how about Whitewater on C-Span, that's a roll-around-the-floor-laughing comedy. The more you listen, the more frustrating it gets, until it builds up inside and you laugh until you cry, where upon you may be left wondering, which was the true feeling?

Youth of America, continue to view politics through the likes of Leno and Letterman; what goes on in Washington should be seen as a good comedy for now, for as you get older it changes. It should not, but it does. Anyone over thirty would benefit from seeing the world through the eyes of its youth and getting the news from a comedian.

In 1968 I almost voted for Pat Paulsen for President, a major blow to my funny bone when I did not. I foolishly thought I should grow up and make a difference; turned out that was not the way you do it. I hope Mr. Paulsen runs again.

Time to lighten up.

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