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July 2, 1996

(Free Speech)

Citizen Dole

by Frank Wycoff

I happened to listen in on Citizen Dole's speech June 19th to the Lockheed Martin employees. Boy does he sound like my dad. Completely out of touch with most Californians, sounded like a speech by many a politician in the fifties and sixties. Spend more money on the military, America needs defending, like the enemy is right outside our borders waiting to pounce on us if we let our military down. California needs more jobs, the Federal government did a great injustice to us closing down all those bases, right? (Like that didn't take but a few months to recover from). Get those children of illegal immigrants out of our schools, even though the polls show that this is the least popular item of Proposition 187. One would think the someone running for President of the United States would have had someone check out a few things before coming to California. Like the fact that our economy is doing very well, thank you very much; there are more jobs than four years ago. The closing of military bases actually accelerated economic growth and diversified the various communities' economy, diversity being the key to most economic growth, but when Citizen Dole was in college, international economics was at the end of a gun.

Low defense spending has been the battle cry in each election for many years now. What happened, did we miss something? What information does Citizen Dole have that we don't know about? Trying to build a global community and open international marketplaces is best done without a John Wayne attitude. Listen up old man, times they are a changing.

Citizen Dole, you have enough work ahead of you just taking care of the squeaky wheels on the far right in the Republican party, getting nominated and riding out your fifteen minutes of fame. Don't over extend yourself by trying to sound like you know "what's going down". Something just occurred to me: Maybe you thought you were in Texas; yeah, that's it, they're always looking for a senile good old boy to vote for for President. Prediction for the next four years: Sorry; Clinton, he's safe and has staff that keeps pretty good files on things.

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