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May 6, 1996

(Free Speech)

Jeff Wells

by Frank Wycoff

I was at first asked, then told to write something to share with you, members of the www. Who you are and where you are is not important, just write something interesting, rrrright!

Swans calls this an article, like I work for some magazine or newspapper and am of some importance to you whoever, wherever you are. Well I am not important, just another cog in the wheel.

Where Swans or these articles go, I do not care really, but I freely admit that this placeless space we are in is intriguing form of communication. Yet I see no difference between this and dialing up a random number on the phone and hearing a new voice and having a conversation.

This is a good place for you to stop reading this, get up from your machine, and go outside and see where you really are in this world........Welcome back!

A little about, ME. I am a male or so the barber told me as I was growing up, I have no political affiliations, period. I am not a member of any religious organization, nor do I talk to myself or anyone else silently.

I do keep up with world affairs, though according to daughter and a friend, through the wrong mediums. So the score is different because of who reports it? My first love (second if Nancy's around) is Soccer, yes the Game the world plays better than us Americans. I try to teach the Game to new Soccer coaches, my label is coach. Actually its Reginal Coach Administrator. Impressed!

I am also involved in my community's environmental effort by planting and caring for trees. Which is part of a control problem I have, I grew tired of throwing money at the Amazon and whales. I put my money and efforts here where I live so I can control what happens to it. Other than that I am a pretty ordinary member of this world, deep as a brownie pan, and dense as beer.

I welcome you to Swans and hope you do not feel you wasted your time reading this far. In future articles, I will be discussing, the short sided Game, kids and teenagers and other things not from this world, trees, animals ( Probably dogs to be exact, I'm not a cat person and the other animals who share my world don't pay any attention to me.) Feel free to share your thoughts, be assured we will, I will respond in kind to any and all e-mail. With the exception of Jeff Wells, that would just be too weird.

Thank you for reading!


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